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April 11 2015 7 11 /04 /April /2015 13:28


By Stanley Collymore



Throughout the western world from Canada to New Zealand, Northern and Eastern Europe to Argentina as well as the several vassal states, even and most ironically so within the Global South, of those dominant and principally white Caucasian controlled countries which are a salient component of the referred to aforementioned group of states constituting a world that quite narcissistically, hubristically and markedly pretentiously prides itself on its scientific competence, savoir faire and technical expertise commensurate, one would have thought, with a supposedly modern world that ought to be totally devoid of Medieval and other antiquated suppositions that are themselves not only at odds with but likewise noticeably incongruous too with the enlightening beliefs and concepts of this modern world and 21st Century that we live in, that the needlessly ongoing problems we’re still collectively confronted with, and continue to make an absolute mess of in the process of either half-heartedly trying to solve them or else ignore them all together, would have been otherwise successfully obliterated by now; but evidently that’s definitely not the case. Realistically that’s how matters should sensibly and logically be appraised and subsequently tackled, but regrettably an opposite and highly inimical approach seemingly appears to be the case.


For rather than constructively working together for the common good of humanity as a whole the prevalent tendency, especially by a stridently vocal but none the less disproportionately and to all intents and purposes a rather undeserving yet patently powerful, global minority of nations with the political, military and financial clout, as well as the logistical means to either browbeat or entirely enforcedly silence most of their known critics as well as those who’re diametrically opposed to their views about the world and what they’re actually doing to it, even though these unilaterally decreed as well as proscribed outcast countries together with those otherwise unfavourably constrained detractors of what’s essentially seen and even regarded as the prevailing narrative, aren’t only conspicuously but crucially as well do collectively form the global majority of nations as things currently stand.


Yet the status quo has been so fundamentally skewed and to such a perilous extent that reality for many in our societies has generally now taken on the semblance of discordance while in marked contrast the vicissitudes of unreality and even stubborn fantasy have become the norm. For how else can you satisfactorily or convincingly explain the mindboggling stupidity, in spite of the aforesaid conceited self-indulgences, untouchably clung to that decisively puts paid to the monumental lie that we live in what’s fundamentally a civilized world?


This infantile and completely risible approach, were it not for the pernicious toxicity attached to it and resulting in the unwarranted, callous and not infrequently so collateral deaths or the premeditated murders of those selectively picked upon by these sociopathic, demented and racist-supremacist nerds who arrogate to themselves the inalienable and unchallenged right to snuff out the lives of others either in the context of financially-advantageous, resources-rich-exploitative and illegal wars waged abroad and brutally conducted in the victims’ own countries, or simply as the purblind, ill-conceived and ludicrously delusional acts fermented in the perpetrators sick minds and stemming directly from their sponsors’ supposedly racial superiority over those they’ve wilfully and cowardly targeted and then go on, either individually or collectively, to commit murder against, and doing so almost exclusively with the victim’s skin colour the principal determining factor for this.


All of which says a darn sight more about the wholesale debasement of those who instinctively subscribe, whether enthusiastically so or more passively modulated, to the defective concept of their racial superiority and de facto a solidly-believed Master Race paradigm based exclusively on their skin colour – something that neither they, nor anyone else for that matter, ever had any input into actually affecting and most certainly couldn’t have done – than it does, in any negative way whatsoever, about the innocent victims whom these racists callously and inhumanly annihilate.


For when skin colour alone rather than the content of one’s character or what they positively do with their life during their personal sojourn here on earth becomes the defining factor for who is supposedly “superior” and therefore commensurately and comprehensively worthy of being classified as a human being and accordingly entitled to and should be accorded all the attributes of human-kind, while those who at best are deemed to be inferior specimens of the genus Homo Sapiens or else not permitted to acquire that status at all shouldn’t be, then from my personal perspective I not only unequivocally think that such persons have fundamentally lost the plot but are also without any doubt psychopathically sick; individuals from whom the mantle of power must be wrested by any means possible and sanity dispensed to the rest of the world. For as long as these people are in charge of our lives and essentially the world itself there will never be any prospect for peace, harmony and constructive dialogue among our diverse races, which although different are nevertheless equal in the eyes of our Creator, has always been so and will continue to be!


With that firmly in mind I deliberately chose this outstanding arrangement of Christian music in the heartfelt aspiration that it’ll be some spiritual consolation and succour to the aggrieved relatives, friends, supporters and conscionable sympathizers wherever on this planet of ours that they reside of those who’ve untimely and brutally lost their lives due to the savage and racist infringement of others.


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March 27 2015 6 27 /03 /March /2015 13:37


By Stanley Collymore



Frenziedly, xenophobically and perniciously-racially – and those are their most endearing characteristics and the most humane aspects they’ve routinely employed – successive contemporary UK regime, including the incumbent one of David Cameron, Theresa May and their throng of Conservative Zionist-Talmudic-Nazis in tandem with like-minded pillocks in the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and other British political parties, all of them zealously endeavouring to belligerently out-do each other and predictably in collaboration with the mainstream media assure the largely brain-dead, apathetic, utterly naïve or easily manipulated British electorate how much they hate and despise non-white “immigrants” resident in Britain and earnestly want to be permanently rid of them from our shores, while at the same time most ironically either totally ignorant of or else having developed on their part a sudden and convenient amnesia of the authentic etymological meaning of the word immigrant, nevertheless doggedly persist with this ludicrous, pernicious and perversely asinine vendetta of theirs.


This notwithstanding the principal participants’ quite unseemly and virulently orchestrated role in this specific matter when one takes into consideration their own veritable, quite recent and distinctly immigrant lineage as regards the United Kingdom – for example David and Ed Miliband’s, Polish ancestry; Romanian Michael Hecht and his family, surname switched for self-serving purposes to the more accommodating English one of Howard; Nick Clegg’s children and several other first generational Brits – the children of Prince Philip, consort to the Queen, since like Nick Clegg’s wife he too is distinctly and undeniably an authenticated immigrant to the United Kingdom. Not forgetting, of course, others like the late Leon Brittan and his family members; Malcolm Rifkind, Leon’s cousin, who accompanied by his familial tribe and collectively with the Brittans: uncharacteristically by these Yiddish Zionists another convenient anglicized name change, are all of Lithuanian stock.


Then, of course, there’s the Turkish ancestry-United States born Boris Bey more commonly known as Boris Johnson, among other things an unabashed contender for the leadership of the Conservative Party, of which he’s a prominent member, as well as being an obsessive aspirant prime minister of the UK and the incumbent Mayor of London. Not by any means the only white prick, who furthermore is not even British born, that wants to see the back of all so-called “immigrants”, where Britain specifically and the rest of Europe generally are concerned, by having them coercively or even forcibly booted out of the continent of Europe per se. And in tandem with all that is UKIP literally replete with like-minded reprobates, yet led by a man who genetically is himself a substantial concoction of both German and French refugee extraction; complete immigrants in every appropriate sense of that word who fled to safety in Britain, and as everyone who hasn’t just migrated either for a temporary or perhaps even a more permanent sojourn in the UK from some distant planet in the far reaches of the galaxy already knows, Nigel Farage’s wife is German; and even if his kids were born in the UK they would none the less with a German mother be legally and logically regarded as first generation Brits, and if born outside of Britain and actually living here would be immigrants like everyone else in their position, regardless of their ethnicity, skin colour or religion.


Something that quite evidently and most conveniently appears to have escaped the intentional and systematic, as well as the fully orchestrated and ongoing savage vilification of purported “immigrants” – disingenuous political-speak and its allied societal version for anyone who is non-white and living in Britain or Europe and regardless of where he or she was born or was raised – by the especially odious likes of Nigel Farage, David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Ed Miliband and their similarly xenophobic, racist and profoundly irrational fellow travellers. But like my maternal Grandmother has always said, there’s no accounting for rank stupidity or the overpowering lack of commonsense. And they don’t come any more bereft of commonsense and imbued with mindboggling stupidity than those that I’ve earlier mentioned and in company, of course, with their absolutely lame-brained and categorically intellectually challenged gaggle of supporters.


And digressing but only because I think it’s absolutely relevant to do so Nigel Farage and his family were, we’re told, stalked by a miscellaneous group of protestors of both genders while he and his nearest and dearest were having dinner in a Kentish restaurant, causing Farage, it’s also claimed run for cover and his wife and children to scamper for their personal safety even though none of those that were supposedly in grave danger and frightened for their lives were actually physically attacked, but nevertheless prompting Nigel to damn them as scum and for TV pundits on Sky News’ Press Review to explicitly denounce the incident as unpardonable, a view also subscribed to by those who while quite unconvincingly asserting that they detest everything that Nigel Farage politically stands for and even the man himself all the same then go to state that he has the absolute right to peacefully sit down in a restaurant with his family, and especially his children, and joyfully enjoy a family meal together without being accosted in this was supposedly unseemly manner.


All well and good and quite a logical argument I’d readily say to reasonably utilize in normal circumstances, which incidentally I must emphatically add noticeably wasn’t such a situation in the Nigel Farage case, and furthermore were it not that those who’re quite sanctimoniously advocating this specific point of view weren’t intentionally skewing it to fit their own bigoted agenda; for there’s a well known adage that those that calculatingly elect to live by the sword should not to be that astonished were they to subsequently discover that there’re those around who just as fervently wish for and quite understandably maintain that an identical fate visited on them by that same means is also appropriate. In a nutshell then it’s preferably advisable to be most careful what one, however rhetorically inclined or self-serving the vilification which they employ against those whom they choose to target with the primary purpose of achieving their own personal goals is, openly wishes for; for such insidious endeavours invariably have the habit of viciously turning around and savagely biting the asses of their instigators.


However, what instantly aroused my curiosity and de facto specific interest in the supposedly if otherwise left completely alone serene lunchtime scenario, wilfully portrayed as a typically ordinary pub-setting, familial social-get-together and as it so happened informally carried out in the constituency that Nigel Farage is a parliamentary candidate for, furthermore done with the approaching British General Elections very much on the horizon and Nigel Farage having openly declared that should he fail in his bid to become that constituency’s next MP after the 7 May 2015 elections in a subsequently constituted House of Commons that he’d voluntarily step down as leader of UKIP does powerfully, even if contentiously, open up the convincing and genuine possibility that what allegedly happened to gross self-publicist Nigel Farage, his family and their friends either at or in the close environs of that Kentish pub was quite likely more of a calculatingly planned and sinisterly instigated false flag manoeuvre than anything else or, in any event, what it’s generally alleged to be in the British media. After all how did these so-called protestors get to know in advance that Nigel Farage and Co would be having a meal at this particular pub? Does he as a habitual rule advertise his eating arrangements or those of his family members and friends to the general public; or do you?


And furthermore I’m not in the least swayed by nor am I likely to be in the circumstances by the risibly lame and rather disingenuous arguments that Nigel Farage’s children were utterly petrified by the conduct of these “protestors” and therefore somehow our hearts and deepest sympathies should go out to them. Oh really? And why? When their own father doesn’t give a fuck about the children of other parents or guardians who noticeably don’t look like him or his own breed. In fact apart from his customary vilification of these people just shortly before his alleged confrontation with the “protestors” at this Kentish pub Nigel Farage was publicly advocating that the children of “immigrants” residing in the UK should be summarily banned from being able to attend any British state school for a minimum of five years, actions that he clearly knows would rather disastrously impact in a diversity of ways on what are essentially innocent children, while simultaneously heartlessly depriving them not only of an education but also a reasonable start in life; something that Nigel Farage would be very much averse to if his own children were so disadvantaged.


And whether or not I’m alone in my views on this specific matter or what others think of the stance I’ve taken it doesn’t make the slightest difference to me, as my conscience is entirely clear and what’s more I’m absolutely convinced that I’m absolutely in the right to adopt the position that I’ve taken. That determinedly off my chest I’d also like to publish in this article three points of view I came across and which succinctly challenge the hero/victim status that some of you ludicrously in both instances attribute to Nigel Farage.


“I would like to give a round of applause to the people who gave Nigel Farage what was coming to him. He and his party have bullied immigrants, women, gays and the vulnerable and got away with it as free speech. It’s not so nice when the people you picked on have the freedom to say you’re an outdated hypocrite, is it?” Author: Lycan of Bristol.


“Oh poor Nigel Farage, scared of a bit of fancy dress? The sane in the UK are scared of the racist, sexist, bigoted UKIP party. Keep protesting.” Author: Kay of Nottingham.


“One part of me thinks it’s wrong to harangue Nigel Farage when he’s out with his family. The larger part of me struggles to find compassion for a man whose bigoted opinions bring pain and sadness to thousands of Britons pretty much every week.” Author: Nick, London.


Well said all of you! And while Nigel Farage might not actually go out physically harassing those people whom he personally despises there’s no denying the fact that what he does stand for an moreover proudly promulgates does undeniably serve as a strong catalyst for others to physically do his dirty work for him and in the process cause irreparable physical and mental harm, and even death, to countless others; and in a manner that decidedly makes the fleeting discomfiture occasioned by his own children at that pub look like child’s play.


Which brings me back to the main thrust of my story and to categorically state that for these people to be obsessing about the term immigrant bearing in mind their own immigrant roots is analogous to a Roman Catholic, convent school educated female I know who deeply felt it would be a dreadful sin for her to have sex before she got married but nevertheless to sate her remarkably heightened sexuality loved masturbating herself, which she pleasurably engaged in on a regular basis she confessed; but after each orgasmic session would feel guilty as hell about what she’d done, her very strict and perverse religious upbringing you see, and even go to confession to have herself absolved from her sin and her actions forgiven.


However, she was promptly cured of this dilemma she was constantly putting herself in when I got her to composedly sit herself down then plausibly and comprehensively delineate to me the identifiable reasons for her behaviour on the precise condition that she also allowed me to rationally outline to her why it was that in marked contrast to her I did consider her actions to be at best very irrational. But there was also another stipulation laid down by me; namely that whoever was the more persuasive in espousing our respective arguments on the matter would carry the argument. This young lady lost, and later sportingly and intensely relieved admitted that she was extremely glad she’d done so.


Now I don’t plan to get into any kind of discourse with the profoundly racist, xenophobic and absolutely demented bigots who run Dying United Kingdom Plc, or their fellow-travellers for that matter, about what an immigrant is. As an English specialist I already know that. Neither will I for a solitary second tolerate let alone accept their twisted and highly corrupt version of that word anymore than I did when despicably they successfully abused the true etymological meaning of the word “gay”. So as far as I’m concerned these foremost idiots can interpret the word “immigrant” to mean whatever they want it to while in the process deluding themselves that their own entrenched immigrants roots are thus expunged and moreover notwithstanding that they’re actually living in a country with an established history of immigration over many millennia and which fundamentally is one of the most mongrelized in the world, that they’re somehow, irrespective of their comprehensively recent and distinctly imprecise links with the UK, bona fide indigenous Britons, well my unswerving response to that is feel free to live out your lunatic delusions. After all, even though there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary there are those who still believe the Earth is flat and it’s the Sun that rotates around the Earth; but thinking that doesn’t modify delusional fantasies into becoming reality any more so than what our multitude of racist and xenophobic morons are able to do with their own delusional fantasies vis-à-vis immigrants; real or imaginary ones!


But I’d very much like to explicitly and unconditionally say this to David Cameron, Theresa May, Nick Clegg, Ed and David Miliband, Boris Johnson et al; if you’re so committedly and well disposed to bigotedly and permanently eradicating not only from Britain itself everyone, whether citizen or lawful resident here but similarly those from the countries like the Chagos Islands where they lawfully belong and who don’t look like you, why not begin by adopting commonsensical stances that stand up to logical scrutiny instead of immature and essentially prejudicial ones?


The Chagossian people, and I shan’t regurgitate their entire story here as it’s already quite well known but if you’re one of those idiots who’s still unaware of the facts pertaining to the Chagossians’ case or the despicable treachery and Yiddish-Zionist savagery unleashed upon them from Britain through the latter’s political regime in complicity with the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew, The Royal Society, the RSPB and Greenpeace all of them rather fucking and deeply committed Establishment Fifth Columnists even within Britain itself, then I strongly suggest that you either contact David Miliband or those aforementioned disreputable, venal and quite comprehensively corrupt bodies about this – since the Chagossians desperately and completely understandably want to have their Indian Ocean, Archipelago homeland back and that Britain brutally, racially and ethnically cleansed them from in the 1960s to facilitate the exclusive accommodation of a massive US military base - now routinely used for all sorts of criminal and murderous activities by the Americans that include kidnapping, torture and the murder of randomly picked-up “terrorist” suspects, on Diego Garcia the largest of the Chagos Islands - and which along with their other islands the said Chagossians want to permanently return home to.


Something that Britain persistently denies them either the right or the opportunity to do, and not in short measure due to the calculatedly pernicious and holocaust-style, racist and ethnic cleansing – how damnably ironic an the part of a bloody Polish yid - prescriptive ministerial activities of David Miliband, Ed Miliband’s older brother, in his governmental role as British Foreign Secretary; now Edward, the other half of this utterly “bad-blood” Miliband twosome not unlike David wishes to become prime minister of Britain but incredibly as well they want to ethnically cleanse the UK as David did with the Chagossians of its “immigrant” residents. An entirely risible proposition, I really must say, were it not such an absolutely crackpot idea in its astonishing surreality, fully bearing in mind Ed and David’s own undeniable immigrant background – they’re both of them after all only first generational Britons who quite literally happened to be born in England basically because their future parents, unknown to each other previously, individually and of their own volition voluntarily, amidst the chaos of World War II, voluntarily opted to migrate to Britain, most probably to escape the tranquil ambience and amicable environment that blissfully characterized the well-known and endearing hospitality of Auschwitz.


So why the fuck then if David and Ed Miliband, as well as all you other racist prats out there: Royal, Establishment and Political, and from David Cameron as Prime Minister downwards and enormously commonplace throughout the entire spectra of our twin legislative chambers: the House of Commons and the House of Lords, in conjunction with considerable numbers of like-minded morons in British society who also desire to have an all-white Britain; why don’t you accumulatively integrate the limited contents of your sparsely functioning brain cells and likewise, but this time in a truly good cause, studiously embark on cleansing Diego Garcia of its pseudo-Aryan and manifestly white-rodent-racist-scum, the Americans who’re ensconced there and have been ever since the 1960s  with Britain’s obsequious support and enthusiastic cooperation; and honourably instead , although belatedly so, permit the Chagossians to have returned to them what is rightfully, morally and indigenously – a word that you seem to have an immense even if a particularly distorted passion for when it actually comes to Britain and the rest of Europe – theirs? Since from the way I personally see it you Albino, pseudo-Aryan, cunt faces: Cameron, Clegg, May, the Milibands, Farage, Boris Bey-Johnson and the rest of you odious Westminster Establish paedophile Apologists and Active Protection Brigade can’t or shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways!


For let’s be perfectly honest about one thing at least and furthermore something that all sane and well-informed Britons are fully cognisant of; and it’s this. Since the end of World War II Britain, or more specifically the Dying United Kingdom, for virtually all of that time has been controlled and principally run by a Zionist-Nazi-Talmudic inspired, virulently satanic, power-hungry and financially self-serving criminal and profoundly immoral elite for whom universal human rights and all the rest of it are considered as completely inappropriate unless, of course, these particular concepts are applied to and organized exclusively for the benefit of themselves. Consequently David Cameron: the archetypal Yiddish Zionist who unsurprisingly apart from the worship of money loves nothing better than crowing about his Jewish ancestry, and others like Theresa May who asininely equates the unquestionably satanic perversities of the Talmud as being symptomatic of what “true” British “values” are – just get hold I implore you of a copy of the Talmud and read for yourself what a detestably evil, hate-filled to all Goyim, as every non-Jew is somewhat contemptuously, dismissively and disparagingly referred to; criminal in nature; paedophiliac and insidiously immoral by intentional design; and the openly terroristic “bible” that the Talmud is, which categorically and most emphatically makes the universally notorious United States School of the Americas Terrorism Handbook look like a most benign religious tract.


Nevertheless, that renders the Talmud as the obligatory reading and the indoctrination within its contents, a grotesquely twisted but even so “perceived truth”, as the unquestioning dogma to be unhesitatingly and entirely implemented in all walks of life by sworn, committed and quite naturally, of course, all good Zionists, who like David Cameron, Theresa May, the Milibands and Boris Johnson for example are very much an integral part of that Zionist fold; and who in turn and rather predictably so, simply and even instinctively behave in the characteristic Pavlov-dog conditioned manner which is either tribally expected if not demanded of them, or else is dictated as a prescriptive policy by these participants’ puppet masters.


As for Ed Miliband himself: the official Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition in the House of Commons, either gustily deciding to conscionably or courageously challenge David Cameron or even Theresa May relative to their blatantly iniquitous and scrupulously planned offensive self-servingly targeted at our country’s Human Rights legislations, which is itself concomitantly and extremely irresponsibly coupled with their deranged predisposition for illegal, colonialist and imperialistic wars specifically in the Global South, I shan’t be holding my breath on that one, but don’t let me stop you from doing so in your case. For I’d certainly view such an exercise on my part as a complete waste of my time; analogous to ineffectively essaying to bailing water out with a sieve from a waterlogged but inflatable dinghy doubling up as a lifeboat at sea, and in very dangerous circumstances too.


Besides, Ed Miliband won’t ever challenge any prescription – which the much vaunted and Tory proposed abrogation of our Human Rights Laws is one such case – decreed by Britain’s Zionist puppet masters or those from anywhere else for that matter; because quite simply he’s weak! And I’m not condemning him just because he’s equally conspicuously aloof as well as inconceivably totally incapable of any kind of spontaneous or general empathy with ordinary people - the facsimile, Doc-Martin-type-figure leader of the Labour Party but clearly without the accompanying sex appeal – or that he isn’t some fucking, testosterone-driven, delusional, presumptuous, narcissistically absorbed, or a quite observably “synthetic macho” egotist like his brother David or Tony Blair for example: incredibly rabid in extremis, the pair of them, in their block-headed predisposition for general criminality compounded with the most heinous crimes imaginable against humanity. And let me forcefully and explicitly make it abundantly clear that I don’t or will I ever acknowledge masculinity or authentic and moral leadership in any of those terms.


But significantly too, and conclusively returning to Ed Miliband, because he’s conspicuously without any moral compass himself; is also a bloody arch-Zionist; and in his obsequious and timid obedience to the loathsome talmudic vision of the world and how it should be run is no different from David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Nick Clegg, his brother David, Nigel Farage and the rest of this absolutely stinking lot that Britain is woefully saddled with.


So sit back, enjoy the ride and thoroughly enjoy your subservience as brazenly manipulated and entirely compliant dupes; for after all you’re the ones who consistently vote these cretins into office and frankly, if you want my honest opinion, you roundly deserve each other. Meanwhile I’ll, of course, report on what’s going on but to be totally and unapologetically blunt with you I’m so thoroughly sick of the lot of you that I really couldn’t give a toss what these pillocks either do, or wish to carry on doing so, to your sort, anymore than I care about idiotic and unthinking lemmings collectively jumping off a cliff; as I’m one sane Brit who, even if I were alone in my point of view, won’t ever be joining you in your endemic folly.


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March 23 2015 2 23 /03 /March /2015 14:25


By Stanley Collymore



Profusely and consistently you rain down the determined

strength and required temperature of the water I need

onto my naked body and in such an invigorating

and sensual way that with each concerted

and concentrated spray you release,

you instantaneously and seductively

evoke in me a compellingly

vibrant air of spirited ecstasy that

comfortingly and transformatively,

conspiratorially does all sorts

of quite interesting and

profoundly erotic

things to me.


For example, you both stimulate and energize me

physically and emotionally evoking within my

mind and receptive body innumerable and

distinctly wondrous sensations of the

cosmic kind that throughout the

entire duration of my

enlivening shower, courtesy

of your sustainable deluge that you so

gratifyingly deliver and effortlessly

too with my fullest cooperation,

transport me magically and

escapably out of my

earthly self.


And, what’s more, in such an unequivocal

manner, like nothing else that in the

given circumstances I can readily

remember or think of with such candour

or consummate dedication; except, of

course, the fulfilling realization of a

mind-blowing orgasm. But rather

personally, as I’m absolutely

sure you’ll understandably

and fully agree with me,

that’s altogether and

essentially a wholly

different matter



© Stanley V. Collymore

22 March 2015.




Author’s personal observation:


I’ve never been enamoured with, or am I ever likely to be, by the bathtub or whoever it was that was responsible for creating it in the first place; so you’ll doubtlessly detect from that statement that I utterly detest bathing in a bathtub and accordingly resolutely eschew having anything whatsoever to do with such contraptions however ornate or seemingly appealing they might appear to be. That’s my personal opinion, I know, and I fair-mindedly recognize that there’re others who emphatically take a diametrically opposed point of view to my own; and I both accept and respect their right to do so. In marked contrast, however, I’m ecstatically in love with the shower and have been ever since my earliest childhood.


Hygienic reasons aside, aspects both foremost and logically in my mind, I’ve never been partial to nor even remotely disposed to first submerging and then proceeding to wash my entire body, head to toe, in the same container of easily contaminated water even with the sparing, as is customarily the case in the UK, availability of a bidet before I did so – and for perfectly obvious reasons to anyone who is even minimally hygienic by disposition.


The overwhelming majority of homes in the United Kingdom, even in 2015, are instinctively constructed without the prospect let alone the reality of having bidets installed in them, and where such bidets do occur they’re either speciality features unilaterally introduced by progressive house builders or else the personal requests to them by potential house buyers; or failing either of these two things the result of individual bathroom conversions by the respective home purchasers or owners of specific local residences.


Which says a lot, if you want my honest opinion, of the lax and widespread approach of a vast number of Britons across the board – as it’s not just a class orientated thing – to the issue of personal hygiene not only at home but also in public conveniences and the like, as I’ve previously articulated and condemnatorily and meticulously reported.


So all hail to the illustrious shower – domestic and public– and the serious promotion and execution of personal hygiene in Britain, unabashedly and unrepentantly say I!



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February 21 2015 7 21 /02 /February /2015 14:57


By Stanley Collymore



No conscionable person with even the most modest modicum of moral standards to their name can objectively read the brilliant, absolutely factual, well-documented in terms of the information contained therein, intensely researched, well presented article: ROTHCHILDS – KHAZARS – ILLUMINATE TIMELINE and, at best, not feel absolutely sickened by the quite loathsome, thoroughly objectionable, callously and criminally implemented, obsessively avaricious and the downright nihilistic, calculated and murderously executed behaviour with its attendant activities, of this utterly evil, incestuously-inbred, compulsively name-switching, Khazar descended bunch counterfeit “Jewish” bastards dictatorially headed by the oligarchical, categorically demented and intimately close in more senses than one, and giving a new interpretation in their case of keeping it all in the family, Rothschild family members; or else find themselves enormously and individually infuriated with rage by everything that these odious criminals have previously got up to and still carry on with.


Conduct that in the 21s Century is carries on apace not only in the UK but also globally with the active, completely obsequious, nepotistic and venal corporation of those who head and run every instrument of control that profoundly and disastrously, as it so happens, affects our daily lives, be they political, judicial, law and order; media, other means of propagandistic mass communication, like the film industry for example, players, and, of course, our entire economic systems which are routinely accompanied by the cynical dispensation of financial patronage to agents and politicians alike with the sole purpose of furthering the already repressive and utterly pervasive stranglehold of those admittedly, in some of the hierarchal echelons of these Zionist cabals, 66 Lucifer Devil worship of this Rothschild’s’ empire.


Little wonder then that Theresa May, the incumbent British Home Secretary, talks freely and even admiringly about “Jewish values” – but what she’s really referring to is bogus Khazar ones – being our British values, and that Britain without these detestable Zionist Jews, implicitly inferred to but cowardly not explicitly stated in her love-in statement by our Theresa, wouldn’t be the same. How bloody true Theresa; but not for the reasons that you’re sickeningly peddling. Notwithstanding that you’re fucking well entitled to your utterly grotesque opinion Theresa, Freedom of Expression and all the rest of it, even though you conveniently chose to forget the massive contributions that others have assiduously made over the centuries and are still altruistically doing so to the quality of life as well as the indisputably overall betterment and veritable principled standards of the UK, something which your fanatically, warmongering and devil worshipping Zionist Khazar, bogus “Jews” aren’t actually doing; and quite frankly haven’t done in the past ether.


For as with everything directly associated with them, from their constant and beneficially ascribed name changes, the religion they asininely and fraudulently claim was created by their sort, when in reality for political and allied profitable reasons their lot converted en masse to Judaism in 740AD and therefore have neither a remotely biological DNA nor any realistic cultural linkage to the Jews of Biblical times anymore so than European Christians in the same contextual situation do with the Christians of that period and are likewise all descendants of Christian converts, even though in one of my past detailed researches I came across a white supremacist document which resolutely stated that the Virgin Mary was in effect English; this incidentally at a time when no such entity, even in the figment of one’s most fanciful imagination, ever existed - but then why not, applying the same utterly perverse logic that these prized assholes and several others amongst their white kith and kin habitually employ to classify Jesus Christ as white Caucasian? Which forcefully brings to mind the intensely believed and completely warped white belief that nothing is ever discovered until whites “find” it, or else deemed to be of any importance until they likewise say so.


So without the presence in our midst of Kharzian bogus “Jews” according to the twisted judgement of Theresa May, who incidentally is no more British than I am, except that my Barbadian ancestors have contributed a darn sight more to the United Kingdom in all of its parts than she or her bloody lot have done or are ever likely to, as she and others of the political class within Westminster quite cheerfully with their convenient amnesia forget; while in marked contrast they energetically go out of their way to bat for these Zionist, fraudster Jews; additionally, and rather ridiculously to anyone with even a basic element of historical truth in their grasp, pathetically and robustly, as it happens, defending to the hilt their daft and aggressive contention that they’re Semites, when unmistakably they’re nothing of the sort. However, and markedly going unrecognized by this love fest bunch of liars, the greatly abused, ethnically cleansed and methodically genocidally-wiped out Palestinians are; but the intelligent and well informed among us know perfectly well why Theresa May and her type are on the Zionists’ side, as we can clearly see the Pound signs intensely light up in their eyes every time that they praise these fraudulent scumbags whose only longstanding and “moral values” combined with their political creed have always been one of fomenting war for their own financial and psychopathic ends.


So let me categorically say this to you Theresa May, and the rest of the Zionist bought and paid for financial stooges and their totally brain-dead apologists out there, that you’re definitely wrong and way off the mark if, or when, you vaingloriously proclaim that your absurdly held and sickeningly Zionist views - or “values” as you like to portray them as – automatically slot me, as a Brit, in the same Zionist category or equation as you yourselves are cheerfully and preposterously ensconced in. And if every Yiddish, obsessively murderous, Zionist, terrorist inclined Khazar, bogus Jew and Rothschild aficionado were to instantly either of their own volition, or else were false flag inspired by the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly acting independently, which I doubt, or at the behest of the Rothschild oligarchy to quit Britain; my calm and individual response would quite honestly be: “GOOD RIDDANCE! WHAT KEPT YOU HERE SO LONG?”


I’ll close here for now as I’m well aware how exceptionally limited the personal attention span and indeed the intellectual capabilities are of our white master race cohorts in the UK that I’m actually having to deal with, let alone those across the pond in the United States; but I’m still British, and I firmly believe in cleaning out one’s Aegean Stables before attempting to do the same with those of others. And as you’ve likely and rightfully suspect this is just the first of other upcoming, and with no holds barred, articles from me on current issues pertaining to this particular subject matter. And not least among them the rank, concerted, propagandistic and risible anti-Semitic dribble allegedly relating to these people and what’s more enthusiastically and promptly disseminated by the bought paid for, and constantly manipulated pillocks in the British Houses of Parliament and naturally the Zionist owned and controlled corporate media.


But before I close I’d like to draw your attention to two salient facts. I’m British and have been all my life but my profoundly proud and enormously loved ancestral heritage is unquestionably Bajan but which doesn’t, for me anyway, detract from my Britishness. Now anyone who doesn’t like me is perfectly free to attack me verbally to their heart’s content and I shan’t give a fuck what they say unless they want to sensibly and objectively engage me in a meaningful dialogue; since I’m a firm, true  and committed believer to the tenets of Freedom of Expression and likewise Free Speech. But let’s suppose, for argument’s sake, that I wasn’t and I claimed that this person was not only racist but similarly attacking me as well because they were anti-Caucasian or anti-European because I’m British and Britain is part - but only geographically so as several white Britons bizarrely think - of Europe. Now that would be complete and fucking nonsense because while I am a citizen of what is undoubtedly a European country, namely the UK, I’m nevertheless neither a European nor a white Caucasian male, in those general and logically accepted racial terms.


So just because a group, or even a nation of demented and warmongering, distinctly biologically, DNA-Kharzian, converted to Judaism in 740AD prats that among themselves practise a diabolical and perverse form of Judaism that has nothing whatsoever to do with the real doctrine of that faith, any more than wahhabism has to do with authentic Islam, and then outrageously and quite lyingly go on to barefacedly hoodwink the idiots of this world, primarily in Europe and the United States, and even psychopathically persistently delude themselves into believing their own lies that they’re what they evidently are not – and they’re neither Semites nor the descendants of the Biblical Jews that’s for sure - but hey guys and gals please feel free to indulge in whatever personally turns you on just as long as you or your political sycophants don’t try to coercively get me to go along with your crap – why the hell then, and it’s a perfectly logical question, should I meekly acquiesce in what I know is frankly a load of bullshit? Because in doing so it would be to the financial benefit of our Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, MPs or whoever else is in the pay of the Rothschilds or their likeminded Zionist agents? Well I’ve news for all of you, with me it ain’t going to happen!


NEVER! NOR WILL I BE SILENCED - ASBO OR WHAEVER OTHER FUCKING CRAP YOU COME UP WITH - THERESA MAY AND COMPANY! And I’ll honestly tell you why; for while I’m not the least bit scared of any of you, or any other human being that walks this earth to be frank with you; I none the less have an interminable contempt for all of you and it’s virtually impracticable to take any of you ZIONIST-ASS-LICKERS seriously let alone tenuously empathize with you, and from my own clear-sighted perspective respect is something that has to be genuinely earned and put candidly none of you don’t come anywhere near, in my case, to doing so. So there!


The next two points which I quite seriously and informatively want to raise are those relating to the Talmud – the alleged Jewish holy book that authentic Jews declare has nothing to do with Judaism while branding it as a fake; just like these Khazar proponents of it undoubtedly are. If in doubt ask the Falasha Jews who authentically constitute the oldest Jewish sect in genuine Judaism. The next point directly relates to MOSSAD: the infamously terrorist secret service of the Zionist, apartheid entity in Palestine referred to by some as Israel.


And just horribly despicable as Mossad is so too is its motto: “By way of Deception, though shalt do war!” Perfectly acceptable to the political cunts in the west; for they, like the informed among us, know that’s exactly how the Rothschilds, the Zionists, Israel and even themselves operate, and so predictably there’s no criticism of it or the philosophy behind what Mossad or even Israel, with absolute impunity, recurrently do. But humour me and just mull over this realization for a moment, and rather than Mossad to whom this quite appalling motto does belong it was instead the motto of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


Now all of you know, just as I do, that the likes of David Cameron, Theresa May, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and all the other completely incompetent assholes that ought to be running Britain plc for the principal benefit of its citizens and NOT the interests of a foreign power, whether that power is Israel or the United States, and together with the corporate media would themselves collectively be having a tremendous and malevolent field day at Iran’s expense. What an utterly loathsome bunch of hypocritical, double-standards and stinking sewer rats they all are! Uncomfortable truths? You bet these are!


In the Metro Newspaper of the 10 February 2015 several people voiced their personal opinions of new restricts being seriously contemplated by our idiot MPs in Westminster; and I’ve chosen these two to glaringly highlight I’m not the only person who feels as I do; and even if I were, I wouldn’t be concerned or change my attitude one bit. Here though are two prescient-minded comments from Metro Talk that typify what I mean: “Didn’t David Cameron, along with many other politicians go to Paris to support the magazine that offended Muslins?” I should add not just Muslims but Blacks and other minorities as well.


And the concluding one: “How ridiculous, especially as it’s only aimed at anti-Semitic [I don’t see any Palestinians or other genuine Semites complaining] abuse. “What about everyone else?”


And for those of you who’re concerned by these proposed self-serving legislative measures on the part of our Zionist MPs let me reassure you of one thing. You can’t be anti something that doesn’t actually exist. And these Khazar bogus “Jews” aren’t Semites. QED! So what does it say about our fucking imbecilic politicians? I know exactly what; that they’re easily bought sewer rat, scumbags who will do practically anything to justify and promote their instinctive proclivity for malfeasance and the enormous financial rewards that doing so delivers to them from their Zionist and corporate paymasters.

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February 18 2015 4 18 /02 /February /2015 14:22



By Stanley Collymore



The rich don’t commit crimes, only the poor do the rich arrogantly assert. Yet what is being widely observed and well-informed individuals have known for several decades is that the rich employ every means they can with the complicit assistance of national governments and law enforcement agencies and even high ranking officials in the HMRC that they either bribe or else buy outright to intentionally and hubristically behind our backs both evade and avoid paying taxes they ought to have done. And in this regard also have or easily acquire the overwhelming support of well-heeled law firms and banks, some of the latter heavily baled out by the general and hard-pressed taxpayers, who dutifully pay their taxes, to aggressively ensure that these wealthy tax dodgers who can well afford to pay their legitimate taxes don’t pay any taxes at all.


And when one of the main bosses at the Swiss arm of HSBC, under whose watch this despicable scandal was most virulent, can then be casually recruited by the incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron, hurriedly made a life peer, promptly slotted into the House of Lords and with indecent haste as well made a government minister in David Cameron’s Con-Dem Coalition government in 2010 the same year that the Conservatives with the assistance of the Lib-Dems came to power, and this notwithstanding the fact that the Conservatives and David Cameron in particular have a very unflattering record of appointing dodgy individuals to very influential positions – remember Andy Coulston and David Cameron’s forced mea culpa that “I diodn’t really know what he was like guv and as soon as I found out I instantly sacked him;” my words but Cameron’s sentiments all the same, and anyway that wasn’t how it happened for we all know that Cameron didn’t fire Andy Coulston immediately and even resolutely defended his decision to employ him, not only blatantly cocks a nose at the rest of us that wouldn’t be able to get away with this highly immoral and, let’s call a spade a spade, criminal behaviour in spite of the euphemistic gloss lavishly put on these people’s activities by likeminded hypocrites and inveterate purveyors of brazen double standards that tax avoidance is perfectly legal and these financial criminals are in effect doing no wrong, but nevertheless vociferously and vitriolically promulgate a wholly different tune if the odd working class or council house tenant fiddles their benefit claims and improperly gets money that he or she isn’t entitled to.


And while getting hold of money in this fraudulent fashion is both legally and morally wrong the amounts of money scammed off the state is nevertheless a mere pittance compared to what these affluent crooks are premeditatedly stealing from the state by not honestly, lawfully, dutifully and morally part with the taxes they should be paying. And the high point of irony in all this is when a banker working for a bank which was massively baled out by the state through the beneficence of the standard legitimate taxpayer’s money; a bank that clearly would no longer have continued in business let alone continued to exist were it not for this specific act of fiscal generosity which had been applied to it and its staff members including the one I’m including here, and who would have been without a job himself, notwithstanding all that, this specific banker none the less in the aftermath of his bank’s bale out was instantaneously put in charge of a division of that said bank with the distinct responsibility to advise wealthy clients of that bank, as well as other prospective affluent ones on how best to circumvent paying taxes to the state; a task that this most ungrateful bastard went about with aplomb and moreover pursued most aggressively.


So all the conspicuous claptrap from the UK government, the official opposition in the House of Commons and the rest of these stinking sewer rats in parliament that something needs to be done about this striking financial travesty of justice and that they’re all committed to doing just that, is so much hot air. Not least so because some of the most egregious avoiders and also evaders when it comes to tax affairs – dastardly criminals is my definition of them – are principal donors of the foremost British political parties as well as these MPs themselves and, truth be told, you can bet your very last Pound Sterling at your local bookie that these MPs and House of Lords peers and peeresses, irrespective of their political colours, are together with their respective families doing precisely the same things when it comes to their avoidance and or evasion of paying their rightful taxes. Socialism for the rich but capitalism for the poor; for as one individual spoke to succinctly put it: “Offshore bank accounts are essential if one doesn’t want to pay taxes; for why else would they exist?”


So now you know or really should do, if you didn’t already, that you’re seriously, patronizingly and arrogantly being had by those whom you consider to be your social betters.

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February 9 2015 2 09 /02 /February /2015 13:20



By Stanley Collymore



I promise to love you in every conceivable way that

there is and moreover for as long as I humanly can;

never to intentionally lie to you, emotionally

deceive you, cause you personal anguish

by my behaviour towards you –

whether thoughtlessly or otherwise

embarked upon - and to let no action,

come what may, heedlessly essay

to ever split us apart or unduly

sway what I personally and

powerfully feel for you

and treasure most

deeply within

my heart.

But also permit me to candidly say that as much as

I resolutely care about you and me being together

as one; profoundly respect and passionately

love you in every way that it’s possible

for a woman to ever love a man,

and in that regard where you’re

concerned I categorically

do, I none the less do

intrinsically need to retain something for me

that’s exclusively mine, and which I really

can’t or won’t ever let go of, however

persuasive or engagingly so the

seductive overtures and the

complementary Siren

Song might be of



© Stanley V. Collymore

8 February 2015.




Author’s Remarks


This poem consciously written from a female perspective and assuredly as well my longstanding (from puberty onwards into adulthood actually) and committedly held point of view that in the arena of love absolute equality must at all times be an undisguised pre-requisite and salient factor in all amorous relationships between the two genders of our distinctive human race, is none the less dedicated to all those – whether committedly, casually or hopefully so – who at this time of the year are recurrently and ritually turning their concerted attentions and romantic designs to matters of the heart.


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February 5 2015 5 05 /02 /February /2015 13:52



By Stanley Collymore



From a personal perspective I don’t know you at all

even though I’ve run into you a number of times,

albeit briefly so and always distinctly in

a formal situation that essentially,

both disappointingly and

rather problematically for me, precludes any

meaningful or social intercourse between

the two of us. Clearly not an ideal state

of affairs for me or one that I would

have wished for I readily admit,

and furthermore a situation

that most uncomfortably

sits quite contrary to what I’ve

expectantly and earnestly wished

it might otherwise have been.

For both physically and

amorously, and completely beyond doubt,

the intensely remarkable and prevailing

emotional stimuli which you liberally

and overpoweringly generate inside

me have, on my part, indubitably

most consciously, and with a

gratifyingly consummate

abandonment, warmly

thrown wide open

the portals of

my heart.


So on this St. Valentine’s Day now positively

emboldened by and additionally fortified

with the historical licence of and

customary practice afforded

to would be lovers in speaking either

openly or anonymously, but nevertheless

freely, about the profound emotions

they’ve previously closeted but

all the same amorously and

for some time carried

inside, as so many not unlike

myself recurrently do; and therefore

fully committed this time to utilizing

what for me are appropriately and

will hopefully also successfully

prove to be a transformative

state of affairs in my life

this St. Valentine; it’s my resolute

intention to boldly, truthfully,

unhesitatingly but with the

utmost humility as well seize

with both hands this wondrous

opportunity to earnestly express

my deepest feelings towards

you as I explicitly let you

know with unqualified

confidence how very

much I do actually

love and totally

adore you!


© Stanley V. Collymore

5 February 2015.




Author’s Remarks


Actually knowing that you’re in love and having that love fully reciprocated is one of several astonishing things possible in one’s life; itself fortified with the excellent and truly self-satisfying feeling of encountering this remarkable experience and mutually sharing it with that valued individual in your life. However, to unrealistically or worst still rather delusionally persuade one’s self that a tangible or even a consequential love relationship is in the prospect of happening or actually does exist when no such thing is in vogue or remotely possible is altogether a wholly different issue which a competent, professionally qualified and considerably experienced psychiatrist is far more fittingly suited to deal with.


So at this St. Valentine’s time that like all previous ones, and completely depending on your own and, dare I say, decidedly subjective personal perspective is characterized as infamous and consequently highly irrelevant, or else as noteworthy and therefore must be consummately treasured in every possible way, I wish you all the very best and hope that you truthfully manage to work out for yourself which is the more commonsensical or appropriate of these two contradictory alternatives in your case. But either way that you have a wonderfully pleasurable time while doing so.



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February 2 2015 2 02 /02 /February /2015 14:07


By Stanley Collymore



The most intriguing and sometimes totally captivating

thing about the unpredictable vagaries of life are the

chance encounters which they present, enabling

one to occasionally, quite out of the blue

as it happens, come across persons

that previously were entirely

unknown entities to the

individual concerned.

Yet, in spite of the unfamiliarity associated

with such encounters, the instantaneously

thrilling, disarming and natural rapport

coupled with the effortlessly mutual

understanding that this unique

situation generates, itself

securely fused with a

consummate and genuine affability quite

clearly discernible on both sides of this

budding relationship, epitomize as

well what I both feel and know

that true and unpretentious

living is really all about.

And interestingly and honestly said

there can be no denying the fact

that these endearing features,

and many more besides,

you obviously have

in abundance



© Stanley V. Collymore

14 August 2014.




The Author’s Personal Tribute:


In a world where so many intolerable pressures, and of such diversity too, are unwarrantedly and quite invariably damagingly as well exerted on others who unthinkingly assume and even implausibly, in my opinion, literally convince themselves that they must flow with the tide of embarrassing inanity and even outright, rank stupidity is rather mindboggling to say the least; yet this quite preposterous conduct and the glaringly compulsive craving to please others, even those that the individual doesn’t really know at all and simultaneously to be some person other than one’s self happens repeatedly.


So it’s a most refreshing change and in the process an undeniable inspiration, I freely admit, to happily come across someone like you Samantha, who despite your having a complete array of the most endearing qualities that huge numbers of individuals clearly don’t have, and therefore can only dream about, you nevertheless are the personification of self-control and graciousness coupled with a selfless readiness to be both pleasant and helpful at all times. And very aware of this from the onset of our first meeting I’ve decided to write you this poem Samantha.

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January 28 2015 4 28 /01 /January /2015 15:22


By Stanley Collymore



Not literally you see, as I’m only speaking

metaphorically and consequently must

choose my words most carefully so

as not to inadvertently convey to

all and sundry the wrong

impression that either previously or

currently have I ever directly, indirectly

or even remotely so been personally,

Good gracious me, involved in

buggering or having myself

buggered by anyone; or,

euphemistically put,

indulged in acts of



Presently activities that quite lawfully can

be participated in by both women and

men who, in Britain at least, can

now legitimately get married

in the process and thereby

assist, to some degree,

in gradually alleviating the entrenched

public aversion to what many among

it resolutely with an undisguised

and undiminished hostility still

perceive as unnatural and

even ungodly liaisons.


And seemingly conveniently overlooking the

glaring fact that female sexual deviants

were neither similarly affected by

nor ever subjected to the same

judgemental, public opprobrium or judicial

sanctions that concertedly were highly

damaging and likewise a constant

bane in the lives of their male

counterparts. How so?

Quite simply really;

Queen Victoria

just didn’t

want to



For doggedly, dishonestly and blatantly masquerading

behind that cunningly contrived, imperious and

puritanical façade of hers she’d implacably

refused to sign into law the House of

Commons Act which would have

outlawed lesbianism as

well as homosexuality, lyingly declaring

that women weren’t corrupted by any

such deviant condition; and so

the Prime Minister of the

day meekly caved in

to her barefaced

and flagrant



Fast-forwarding to the 21st Century what concerns me

most is not how many queers, poofs, bottom-bashers,

leslies, dykes or fanny- thumpers – politely put

gays and lesbians – there are in our country,

who they are personally or what they

lawfully and consensually get up to

in their private lives, as none

of this bothers me in the least. But as the character

Rigsby in the TV series, Rising Damp pithily put

it, there are many influential and Establishment

figures here in the UK, who if they had their

way dual gender homosexuality laid bare

in all its diverse forms wouldn’t just be

legal, they would damn well ensure

as well it was made compulsory.

And that, quite, frankly, is a

bridge too far; even for

someone as clearly

tolerant as me!


© Stanley V. Collymore

25 January 2015.




Author’s Remarks:


In January 2015 in the immediate aftermath of the Zionist, false flag operational attacks in Paris the sane residents of Europe and the rest of the world through the fawning courtesy of the western corporate media: state as well as privately owned and controlled, were zealously, fulsomely, premeditatedly and most cynically subjected to the calculatedly pre-planned and absolutely ludicrous, in my opinion, totally obscene spectacle of the naively good, heinously bad and obdurately evil-minded, in tandem with the habitually crass, easily manipulated and brain-dead gullible [how ever I wonder would the 21st Century manage to operate so entirely dysfunctionally without the presence of these mindless jerks?] collectively corralled into rather effusively supporting and actually physically participating in a Paris, France street march that ostensibly its lying and dishonest organizers – who are no strangers themselves to egregiously and calculatingly instigating most of the political and societal chaos, mendaciously contrived mayhem, unwarranted destruction, and even some of the most callous and savagely executed murders throughout the world - barefacedly and quite fraudulently maintain was a necessary public manifestation of their resolute, uncompromisingly determined and daringly undeterred commitment to the absolute tenets of freedom of expression, free speech and the individual’s inalienable and unchallenged right to permanently and in every possible situation exercise the aforementioned at will.


This notwithstanding the transparently observable and instantaneously recognizable fact that these infernally cretinous, odiously demented, demonically hypocritical and the consummate and perfidious past masters of the most inimically-conceived duplicity imaginable evidently don’t practice what they hubristically and markedly egotistically preach to others, especially those whom with no rationalization at all they care little or nothing about and conspicuously disdainfully despise. Since for them and their numerous supporters freedom of expression, attendant with its free speech assertion, is highly selective and all about them and their assumed exclusive right, as they perversely see it, to gratuitously and even with intent abuse, denigrate and also publicly humiliate at will, and in whatever form they elect to, those groups or individuals whom they intentionally marginalize or disfavour and, furthermore, with the expectation and enjoyment of absolute impunity to do so.


And should they be challenged on any of this ought with blanket immunity to be at liberty to dishonestly claim that such “unreasonable” requests which they then disingenuously interpret as “demands” being made on them are totally absurd and, what’s more, are clearly motivated by what they untruthfully characterize as “political correctness.” However, were their opponents or others thoroughly sickened by their hypocrisy and double-standards to adopt the same approach and spearhead a similar campaign of vitriol against them, even through the art form of satire which these charlatans belatedly claim to love so much, then that becomes wholly unacceptable and those who’re responsible for this must be severely punished; even if it entails having to fully deploy the full extent and apparatus of noticeably skewed laws against them to get the desired result that these egocentric nerds want.


And it would be wise, I think, to generally recognize that Charlie Hebdo, their latest standard bearer in this Machiavellian crusade of theirs, is to satire and free speech what prostitution or unequivocally running a brothel is to Catholic nuns in an established nunnery; in other words these activities are wholly incongruous and implausible with the prescribed status and known proclivities of the particular body concerned. And since Freedom of Expression and also Free Speech are now seemingly the rediscovered, overtly as well as overly publicized and actively encouraged buzzwords formally endorsed by and with the official imprimatur of our virtuous rulers stamped all over them, I’ve consciously, of my own volition, decided to test the waters of this panacea of western libertarianism by simply not only writing but also publishing this poem, “Well bugger me!”


I’m neither a homophobe nor an aficionado of homosexuality in any of its gender forms [why should I be when it’s not my bag and I’ve no personal axe to grind one way or another?]; but I’m well aware that homosexuality is being cynically and rather concertedly used by the British political class, our rulers – economically and politically - and most typically and quite incontestably our Establishment too. And I say this because while the overwhelming majority of these people are quite prepared to either cowardly or deceitfully hide behind the façade of marriage to mask their homosexual proclivities and attendant perversions, and moreover have been doing so for yonks; with the unanticipated revelations of paedophilia and other forms of child abuse in their ranks coupled with a surge of historical cases virtually daily coming to the fore, as longsuffering victims have finally found the courage to speak out knowing that finally they’ll be listened to, which clearly wasn’t the case in the past, our Establishment and other elite paedophiles have become tremendously rattled concomitant with the profound and very pervasive fear that they’ll be found out at last and appropriately dealt with.


And so what the British people are being cynically subjected to is a raft of homosexually friendly laws that are calculatingly designed to create an environment which is conducive to homosexuality per se, give the appearance that it’s entirely free of all its past stigmas and, in the process, create an environment among the many morons within our society, as we observed with the Charlie Hebdo scenario, that homosexuality is officially quite cool but with the unspoken and sinister undertones that hopefully the perversions of political, so-called celebrity and Establishment paedophilia and other heinous child abuses including murder, can summarily and permanently be swept under the elitist carpet, while the “Sacred Cow” of homosexuality prevails.


Now how’s that for Freedom of Expression and Free Speech?


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January 20 2015 3 20 /01 /January /2015 14:02


By Stanley Collymore



In a world of rampant disingenuousness; of studied

narcissism overtly and preponderantly parading

itself and deceitfully masquerading in the

process as honesty and truth, and

where dissembling has become an art form

of its own, you Anne Kirkbride were the

complete opposite of all these things,

exemplifying instead a refreshing

and blooming oasis of heartfelt

humanity and genuine talent

that was professionally yet

endearingly dispensed in

what’s still mainly and

otherwise a barren,

run of the mill and

talentless desert

of established



And for this, all the cherished memories which you’ve

left me and millions more and the affinity, coupled

with that characteristic Lancastrian charm

that you dispensed so well both on and

off our TV screens but most notably

and immortally for me in

Corrie Street, I shall eternally be most grateful to you.

So farewell Anne Kirkbride – Deidre Barlow –

and with the curtains having finally, but

alas and regrettably for me and many

millions more of your adoring and

grieving fans, prematurely and

permanently fallen on your

earthly performances, I’m

absolutely sure, even as

your earthly credits

are being rolled out, justly lauded and rightly

applauded, that the stage is already set

celestially for an even bigger, more

rewarding and eternal role,

specially scripted for

you, and waiting

to be played!


© Stanley V. Collymore

20 January 2015.




Author’s Remarks:


There are times when situations unexpectedly impact so seriously and emotionally on one’s self that regardless of how competent one actually is verbally words just simply aren’t enough to convey the shock and profound sadness that that specific occurrence has engendered.


The untimely death of Anne Kirkbride – affectionately, endearingly and enduringly known to millions of us as Deidre Barlow, the character which with her consummate and natural skills she so convincingly and professionally played in the long running and iconic British television series, Coronation Street, also lovingly referred to as Corrie or Corrie Street – is one such occurrence.


So in grateful appreciation for all the cherished memories you personally given me Deidre Barlow, I’ll simply say: “Farewell Anne Kirkbride – Deidre Barlow – and thank you; and although you’ll be sorely missed, you’ll never be forgotten! R.I.P.”


My condolences to your husband, other family members, your close friends and the cast and administrators at Coronation Street.


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