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By Stanley Collymore



I’m not racist; just happen to be someone who massively

considers it to be great fun to behave that way and,

accordingly, simply love to take the piss out of

other people that I arbitrarily can’t stand and

literally hate, largely for no other reasons

than that they’re ethnically different

from members of my family and

me; and, significantly, their

skin colour, as is visibly

shown, is obviously

not at all similar

to our own.


I’m not a racist – something I take great offence

to being called and therefore profoundly object

to my critics taking to labelling me as such

and denouncing me for it; and anyway

how could I possibly be remotely

racist when what I’m really

doing is just behaving

normally like many

others I know do, who

clearly think like and

passionately hold

the perceptibly

identical and



as me


Freely and candidly in the process, I must say,

firmly but unreservedly expressing our

truly God-given, justifiable and

unquestionable mantle of

absolute power, unmistakable

dominance and unique superiority freely

and enduringly granted to them and

me of course over all other races

that quite evidently are vastly

inferior to each and every

one of us, it’s pretty

clear, in every




And consequently, as such, are rightfully

entitled, either selectively, randomly

or even generally to be constantly

at liberty to unilaterally and

with no provocation of

any kind from anyone to freely behave

totally offensively to whomsoever

we please that patently doesn’t

look like any of us, or in any

way share our illustrious

and matchless white

Caucasian, racial identity.

So sensibly then, why

all the trepidation

and absolutely




© Stanley V. Collymore

21 November 2014.






This poem is specifically written for and also dedicated to the following persons: 1) Zoe Williams, columnist with the Guardian newspaper; 2) Robin Tilbrook, founder of the English Democratic - formerly the National - Party; 3) Simon Johnson of the Jewish Leadership Council; 4) Dave Whelan, Chairman of Wigan Athletic FC; and 5) Malky Mackay, manager of Wigan Athletic FC and ex Cardiff manager.


Along with the plethora of other feral, sociopathic and utterly demented boneheads that blissfully but pathetically continue through a discernibly convoluted fusion of intentionally misleading, downright fraudulent, thoroughly imbecilic and self-centredly vainglorious actions and pronouncements of what’s essentially ignorance in its purest form, asininely essay to both transport and implant their twisted, ludicrously self-delusional and profoundly embedded absurd notions of what they’d have the rest of us unquestioningly believe constitute white racial superiority, attendant allegedly with all its myriad and intrinsically permanent and inescapable precepts, into both social and societally accepted norms of human conduct.


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By Stanley Collymore



I know who and what I am and likewise what I’ve always

aspired to be, and although there have been occasions

in my life when unforeseen or even conspiratorial

circumstances have cruelly and unfairly

conspired against me to forestall

my deliberately planned and

profoundly cherished

endeavours and the accomplishments which I’d

anticipatorily sought to realize; I’ve always

in response to these unwarrantable actions

approached such challenges with an

open mind, and have never once

allowed them to cloud my

judgement or in any

way, come to that, interfere in, much less threaten

the manner in which I’ve personally sought to

live my life. And consequently I shall never

allow anyone or anything: corporations,

politicians, jobsworth employees –

private or state sector – the state’s

Orwellian apparatuses or

individuals, for that

matter, to ever

change that!


© Stanley V. Collymore

19 November 2014.






The contents of this poem constitute a solemn and irreversible pledge to myself!
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By Stanley Collymore 


To any prescient-minded individual who’s even remotely aware of the academic and other standards, or more fittingly so the marked lack of them, in the so-called English Educational System will obviously be very surprised then if more than the proverbial handful of its comparatively recent or just left “graduates” in whatever capacity or level, or indeed the current intake of English students, again at whatever level of “study” they may be involved in have ever heard of George Orwell let alone Animal Farm.


Much less so, I would imagine, the part that the sycophantic, absolutely unthinking, devilishly sociopathic and brutally-inclined psychopathic dogs of Animal Farm willingly and very enthusiastically played in unquestioningly carrying out the orders of and generally acting as the odious bully boys for and keen protectors of the utterly scheming, downright manipulative and obsessively controlling pigs that not only ran but also quite literally dominated the entire environment of in conjunction with coercively subjugating the consequently submissive society of Animal Farm.


2014 seemingly is no different in contextual terms as the corporate bully boy entities of our own contemporary society and communities – and I don’t have to tell you whose they are as their identities are well known – in combination with their intellectually challenged, utterly brain-dead and consummately moronic jobsworth employees like Virgin Media’s, Thomas Parr: Virgin Media Complaints; Karen Ingham: Director of Customer Services; Ramon Fernandez: Resolution manager; Rachel Beardsmore: Head of Payments; Steve Atkinson: Head of Payments Processing and several others; attendant all of them with their fancy and pointless titles but none of them either physiologically or psychologically with anything distinctly worthwhile in their heads or the capacity or ability to inculcate such – constituting in other words both individually and collectively the classic dunderheads, and who in conjunction with the feral propensity of rabid dogs would have better served British society specifically and humanity in general had they all been summarily and uncompromisingly strangled or suffocated at birth thereby precluding all likely possibilities then of them pathetically procreatively producing more of their feral kind – in collusion with determinedly grasping and unethical would-be enforcers like Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited amply testify to, and comprehensively support my point of view.


This article is the outcome of an unexpected letter sent to me by Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited of Stockport acting on behalf it said of Virgin Media and that in response I subsequently dispatched by Special Delivery Service on the 12 November 2014 my written reply to them. By and large that would have been the end of the matter certainly as far as I’m concerned, since such correspondences are totally alien to me. However, in view of the numerous and well-documented criminal and highly unethical sharp practices recurrently engaged in by corporate entities operating within the UK of the ilk of Virgin Media, BT, the several utility services and even foreign owned monopolistic ones like Southern Water; activities grotesquely compounded by the patent lack of concern shown for the average customer involved and the seemingly blanket immunity instinctively granted to the aforementioned corporations by the endemically corrupt, obsessively venal, bought and paid for, insidiously crony and so-called regulatory bodies; Ombudsmen/women and their official staff – just as criminally inclined and pervasively unethical as these corporations are – to uninterferingly carry on with their criminal spree backed up with coercive intimidating tactics if anyone dares to stand up to any of them, I’ve accordingly, and not least because they don’t scare me any, decided to share my personal experience with you.


However, let me emphatically stress that I’m not in any way asking for your sympathy or for you to take sides since I really couldn’t care less what anyone thinks in my particular case, as my conscience if absolutely clear and candidly that’s what matters to me anyway. So Virgin media and Moorcroft Limited – or anyone else they might care to draft in – can go fuck themselves or each other if they prefer to; and from my perspective are already fully cognisant of those facts, since I’ve made my position unequivocally and abundantly clear to both sets of antagonists and that’s my job done as far as I’m concerned! With you it’s simply a matter in your case of judging the issue for yourself.



Mr A.J. Martin

Debt Recovery Manager

Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd

P.O. Box No.17

2 Spring Gardens


SK1 4AJ.


Dear Mr Martin,


Reference your letter to me dated the 24 October 2014 – Reference 0052064404526 (D-PC25-G) – and which has only just come into my possession since I was out of the country; something that frequently occurs in connection with my professional work as well as my private life. I don’t know what fraudulent or downright misleading information whoever it is at Virgin Media that is personally responsible for sending you on this wild goose chase – for that’s precisely what it is – has told you, but my sensible advice to you is categorically and emphatically this. Have virgin Media, I suggest, send you the plethora of letters they’ve received from me from the outset of my unfortunate, as it now seems, dealings with them and the inadequate and prevaricating responses, when they bothered to reply to my letters to them that is, that I’ve in return got from them.


Every one of my letters to Virgin media and named individuals there was sent by First Class Special Delivery Mail. All such mail has to be signed for by the recipient and from the moment it’s posted is meticulously tracked at all its transit stages by Royal Mail which also provides me with a mechanism to do my own independent tracking to ascertain that the specific mail arrived at its destination and was signed for on receipt of having done so.


It’s a costly process but I can afford it, and furthermore with the swelling tide of incompetent and nerdish jobsworths who routinely blame their gross incompetence on others and never themselves, it ensures that none of these prized morons can ever claim, as is invariably their lying wont whether on the receipt of normal letters they’ve received and never action or phone calls that fall into the same category on their part – that they have no recollection whatever of ever having received any of these two things; I therefore unfailingly take the added cautious and sensible precaution of always sending all my correspondences to companies, businesses or their supine representatives by Special Delivery First Class Mail, and categorically never indulge in or make phone calls, nor do I ever accept any in receipt of such undertakings.


Once in print none of this can convincingly be denied and therefore having such correspondences officially and independently monitored and verified speaks for itself. So the added expense is worth it and negates all the otherwise negative aggravation, which with my busy, positive and constructive lifestyle, both professionally and privately, I can well do without and particularly don’t really care for. Additionally, since such transactions are carried out by one-off debit payments and I have the overall receipts to back all this up plus bank statements to corroborate the financial transaction that took place I’m pretty confident that I can substantiate whatever I say.


So I strongly suggest to you that you ask Virgin Media for copies of all these letters which I sent to them; then read them carefully yourself and see if you then conclude that I owe Virgin Media money of any sort which requires the services of a debt collector, however avaricious or actually brain-dead that manager might be, or anyone else come to that to recover. Incidentally, these letters to Virgin media are very detailed, do run at about five pages each minimum and are well written in exquisite Oxford English; the spoken version is generally referred to as the Received Pronunciation.


Both are my specialities as well as my pride and joy, and it accounts for why many years ago I quit the so-called English Educational System principally because I could clearly see the dumbed-down and intellectually challenged manner in which it was precipitously heading; wanted no part of it, and therefore decided to migrate to Germany to happily carry out my Academic pursuits there; and have never regretted that decision. So it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the intellectually challenged, dumbed-down, moronic, jobsworth-nerds happily and ignorantly ensconced in companies like Virgin Media and rather regrettably proliferate in companies elsewhere across our supposedly Green and Pleasant land with their incredibly US-styled and inculcated short attention spans and as a result totally incapable of expressing or stringing two coherent sentences together, had difficulty reading as well as understanding my letters to them. Yet they are the same arrogant Clots who like to declare English as exclusively their language. What a bloody sick joke!


So here then are the salient facts that you should concentrate on and sent to you not because I feel compelled in any way to do so but basically out of common courtesy as is my nature, and equally to apprise you, if you’re not already cognisant of this fact, that there are two sides to every story and not just that of the person or company paying you to do their dirty work for them. And when I have posted this letter to you that will be the last communication I shall be having with you, just as I have similarly done with Virgin Media previously.


The Facts:


On Friday 21 March 2014 from a call box in Worthing Town Centre where I obviously was at the time I phoned Virgin Media. I wanted a landline explicitly to be installed at my UK home purely for emergency purposes and accordingly wanted to ascertain from Virgin Media if they could satisfy my requirements. In my phone call with Virgin Media’s customer service I carefully and meticulously explained why I was calling and that the call was specifically about garnering information. The male I spoke to said Virgin Media could provide the service I needed, reiterating when I repeated to him my requirements - were I to decide to use Virgin Media or anyone else come to that - was a landline only, no frills, nothing else; and the phone was expressly for emergency services only.


When this man then sought to vainly entice me with all the other alleged benefits that having Virgin Media could provide me with I cut him short, politely explaining that I spend a great deal of my time outside of the UK and even when I was in Britain the hours spent at my UK address were miniscule. That I was the only resident at my UK home, assiduously eschewed as a general rule the use of the telephone as a means of communication even with close family members and friends and definitely so with companies and businesses of any sort. That the area I lived in was totally devoid of public telephone boxes; that I respected my own privacy and naturally accorded the same right and courtesy to others and therefore wouldn’t dream of knocking on someone else’s door - day or night - to make a request to make an emergency call if I had to and consequently needed my own telephone for that very specific purpose.


Realizing that his sale’s pitch was getting nowhere and quite fast in the process the male in question who I was speaking to said Virgin Media could provide the service I required and was demanding. When I then asked how much it would cost me, he asked whether or not there was a Virgin Media landline to my property, possibly introduced there by the previous resident. I replied that I had no knowledge of that and that the only landline I was aware of was a BT one and this prior to my taking over the said property. The customer service chap then said Virgin Media didn’t deal with BT and that a Virgin landline would have to be laid to my home, but not to worry as practically all of my neighbours already had Virgin Media in one shape or form so the installation would be a piece of cake, his words.


In relation to the costs I could either opt to pay my landline rental on a monthly basis or else I could pay the full sum for a year’s rental in advance and upfront and were I to do so that figure would be £128.00. In view of the little time spent at my UK home the annual upfront fee seemed logical to me and with the bill cycle for all utilities relevant to me and my home already paid on an annual basis that I thought would evidently preclude my having to contend with monthly bills, especially when I’m out of the country. Next how soon could the phone line be installed if I decided to go ahead with the project I asked? Tuesday 25 March 2014 after 1PM I was told. So having stated once more for clarity that my phone line and service would be used by me strictly for emergency purposes and no other calls would be made or received by me as of choice, and likewise having ascertained that there would be no hidden charges involved for me either that I would later find myself saddled with once I’d given the go-ahead for the landline to be installed I agreed to having a Virgin Media landline installed at my home.


I was then given some options on how to pay the upfront £128.00 annual line rental charge. I could pay by Credit Card – something I’ve never had, needed nor wanted; Debit Card Payment – a one-off payment over the phone there and then; Direct Debit Agreement – something that specifically I have never ever countenanced in my life with anyone or any company nor would I ever do so under any circumstance whatsoever; or I could pay the engineers who carried out the work after the completion by them of the installation of the landline. I chose the one-off debit payment over the telephone; and asked by the customer service chap for my debit card details I gave these to him in all good faith. But as I was without the services of a phone – mobile: which I absolutely detest; the technology is brilliant not so the irritating nerds who inconvenience others with their idiocy, I’ve accordingly resolutely refused to have one in case any similar nerd should think I’m part of that crowd were they to see me in possession of one; or a landline phone, I was asked if I had an email address by which Virgin Media could contact me relative to my transaction; so I gave this chap over the phone as well an email that I use for business purposes.


The previously unexpected transaction over I then got on with my ordinary daily life. Then on the 25 March 2014 I took the day off to accommodate the arrival of the Virgin Media engineer to install my landline phone. He got to my home at about 3PM, had a look around, asininely said that there was no Virgin landline connection to my property – something that the company already knew to be the case – and went on to say that he couldn’t connect me as the job would require specialist engineers to do what was required. He was there for just 5 minutes and I’d wasted an entire day!


Before this guy left however he called his office and had them arrange a new date for my landline to be installed. That date was to be Friday 4 April 2014. In the meantime, my bank had confirmed that the £128.00 upfront, annual landline rental charge fee I’d made over the telephone had been paid to Virgin Media. Then on Friday 4 April 2014 two Virgin Media engineers arrived at my home and as a result my landline was finally installed. However, before they left I made absolutely certain that the landline was up and running as was my phone, which I could then use as I jolly well pleased.


The next development in this ludicrously ongoing saga was a letter from my bank informing me that Virgin Media was attempting to fraudulently use my debit card details given in that one-off £128.00 landline payment over the telephone from Worthing on the 21 March 2014 to set up a Direct Debit Account to my bank account and thus be able to access the latter at will and without my knowledge or permission.


In a Special Delivery letter to my Bank Manager stipulating that I’d given no such authorization to Virgin Media – something that my bank fully aware of my never ever had or likely to authorize any such Direct Debit Agreements to anyone - individual or company - had therefore as a matter of the utmost urgency contacted me because they instantly smelt a foul rat on Virgin Media’s part. At once I wrote a detailed and unambiguous letter to Virgin Media pointing out the illegality of their action simultaneously and categorically outlining my own position and demanding that Virgin Media didn’t try any such fraudulent adventurism again either with me or my bank account. My bank was fully supportive of my actions and also quite prepared to give evidence in any court case that I then or subsequently took against Virgin Media. As well, my bank also informed me that they had instituted extra precautions to safeguard my bank account being subjected to the kind of predatory forays that Virgin Media had sought to embark on.


Virgin Media then sought to lamely and unconvincingly excuse their criminal intent and activities by stating in response to my letter to them that a Direct Debit Agreement would preclude administrative charges levied against me if no such Direct Debit Agreement was entered into by me with them and as a result Virgin Media was obliged instead to send me a paper bill that had to be charged for. What asinine logic!


Firstly why the hell would any intelligent person, which I evidently am, ever want to set up a Direct Debit Account Agreement with anyone or a company like Virgin Media or any other when patently that individual clearly not running up a bill in the first place and furthermore has no intention of ever doing so? And secondly, why send me a ZERO bill that I already know is the case as I’m not making nor have any intention of making any phone calls other than 999 ones if I need to; and on top of that ludicrously charging me as Virgin Media apparently wants to for doing so? Then having the audacity of adding on penalty charges for not paying something that no sensible person would? Would you?


The thickos at Virgin Media however still refused to take the hint or the detailed information staring them right in the face from the letters I wrote to them, or to work out the logic of what I was actually saying to them. I don’t make or answer phone calls at my UK address, provided of course any were to ever come to my knowledge that is. And there are perfectly explainable reasons for these actions. I don’t even know what my phone number is off the top of my head – though I have it written down somewhere – because it’s not something that I want to remember; and additionally I’ve not given my phone number to anyone – not even close family members or friends who wouldn’t have phoned me anyway if they had my number knowing full well my distinct aversion to the telephone – so why the hell then if other person, regardless of who they are, gets hold of my number through Virgin Media or else accidentally comes across it and phones it should I bother to answer them and their call?


I’m an English specialist, love writing letters and I have my own means of communicating with my close friends and family members and don’t want any outsider or phone company to determine how I should go about this. Additionally when I’m away from my UK address I unplug my phone and lock the apparatus – the actual phone – away; and when indoors if it’s plugged in I deliberately have the volume switched off. And why in those circumstances should I want to check to see if someone I don’t know or care about haphazardly or otherwise decides to phone a number I didn’t give to them, even if the caller is someone from Virgin Media who I don’t want to hear from by phone?


Since my phone was installed on Friday the 4 April 2014 I’ve not made any phone calls and have no intention of doing so other than making emergency calls if I have to. Furthermore, I can honestly say that when I’m at home I’m not going to let any phone call(s) disturb my way of life and in the event that I accidently forget to switch the phone ringer off and the phone does happen to ring I shall most certainly not bother to answer it. So far though that hasn’t happened as the ringer on my phone when it’s plugged in is permanently switched off. So do tell me Mr Martin, what the hell then am I getting a telephone bill for and which you seemingly feel honour bound, however stupidly so, to collect and that you have as much chance in my case of doing so as a snowflake has of not perishing in hell. As it’s not going to happen mate!


The bill can’t be for line rental. That was paid upfront, promptly and in full for a year on March 21st 2014 and to the tune of £128.00. Not for line installation charge. That too was paid promptly and in full to the tune of £49.95p even though on the 21st March 2104 I wasn’t told there would be any such charge and only knew about this after the 4 April 2014 when the landline was connected. Even so I didn’t hesitate in paying that bill.


What seems to be peeving the brain-dead nerds at Virgin is that I’m not prepared to nor will I ever allow them or anyone else for that matter to play foot loose and fancy free with my bank account, which after all is my lawfully earned money. Well that’s their problem not mine and I most certainly am not going to make it so. But just sensibly ask yourself why would someone that happily paid upfront in the manner I’ve done with Virgin Media relative to all my genuine costs then inexplicably not pay ensuing bills if these bills were authentically generated by me? It just doesn’t make sense, does it? Not to anyone with a functioning brain cell in his or her head that is!


I’m a truly exemplary citizen, human being and bill payer. Every legitimate bill I get, usually on an annual basis, I check carefully and if satisfied with what’s before me I take the said bill to my bank where the barcode is swiped through the bank’s system, the required sum of money having been at first initialled by me is then automatically transferred from my bank account to the recipient’s and that’s that. If there’s no such barcode the transaction is then carried out manually. Either way the bill is paid in full and the receipt date-stamped by the bank leaving me with physical proof and a paper trail that I’ve carried out my legal and moral, financial obligation. I don’t have online bank accounts or indulge in online banking arrangements or payment systems since I’m all too aware that computer systems can be hacked and or compromised. That’s my approach and I shan’t depart from it - with or without the approval of virgin Media or anyone else - and frankly what other people do differently is a matter entirely for them and none of my business.


Consequently, I’ve never owed anyone a penny in my life and don’t intend to; I don’t or have I ever had debts, Hire Purchase (HP); Credit of any sort; Credit Cards or the like, and have always quite meticulously eschewed such things like the plague, and will continue to do so. At the age of five my perspicacious maternal Grandmother - a policy reinforced by my parents - lovingly cautioned me I should never on any account incur any debts, and if I had a Pound Sterling she said I was to spend a maximum of 60p in today’s money and save the remaining 40p. She also ingenuously advised and instructed me how to differentiate between my needs and what were basically my wants; stating that while the former were important the latter – namely my wants – were invariably not the case, citing that everyone, or most people, completely consumed by materialistic desires might very well want to be multi-millionaires but questioned, was it a need let alone an absolute one relative to the genuine quality of their own life that they should become even a millionaire?


And as such, she impressed upon me that if I needed something, as distinct from simply wanting it, I as a minor I should acquire the money required by doing extra chores at home and get paid for doing them, or else do appropriately paid jobs for other relatives, friends of our family, neighbours, local businesses or the like in the community where I lived; or when I finally became an adult and were in the same situation I should get an extra job to finance that need so I could then conscionably pay for the item or service I needed outright. But that under no circumstance whatsoever should I embark on incurring debt of any sort, try to live or ever embark on doing so outside my financial means. This sound advice I’ve assiduously inculcated within my mindset; have practised throughout my life and is a philosophy I shall always meticulously and unchangingly adhere to. So for anyone, given those circumstances and the context in which they’ve been inbred in me since my early childhood, and not even knowing me to assume I’m otherwise than what I am, that is their predicament and not mine!


Consequently I’m well satisfied with my upbringing and the knowledge that I’ve never owed anyone a penny in my life, and moreover that no one – individual, institution or grasping commercial entities like Virgin Media - can honestly, realistically or honourably knock on my door wherever I live – in the UK or abroad – and convincingly or truthfully claim I owe them anything. And, as such, I’m not worried about anything because my conscience is clear!


This then is a detailed letter to you Mr Martin along the lines of those I’ve sent already, but will no longer, to Virgin Media. Frankly, I’m not seeking to persuade you to my point of view and whatever stance you take is an irrelevance to me. My detailed letter to you is simply to apprise you of the facts taking into account it was you that contacted me by letter, nothing more; and to categorically state I don’t owe Virgin Media any money; and having done that similarly request that you don’t contact me further on this matter.


As for my credit rating likely to be put in peril and affected by all this that’s just laughable! For how can it when I don’t have credit anywhere? And besides, there are laws in this country against libel, and among the acquired through academic prowess and not as courtesy titles as is commonplace in the UK one of the several degrees I proudly possess is in Law. What is more, threatening me with credit sanctions is just as asinine analogously to an azospermiac male permanently unable to produce semen and therefore totally incapable of being a father being risibly told by a commercial artificial insemination clinic that he won’t be shortlisted to be a potential father because he has failed to pay his arbitrarily imposed subscription fees, even though he quite specifically didn’t want to be a part of that clinic’s sex programme in the first place; not least so because he was fully aware of his medical condition. Think on that!


On the 3 April 2015 my landline telephone contract with Virgin Media comes thankfully to an end and likewise all my current limited dealings with this fraudulent entity. In the meantime, I do expect for my phone line which I’ve paid £128.00 for the full year to be operative until then; and should the brains-dead, jobsworth morons at Virgin Media have any lunatic notions of not fulfilling their end of our contractual agreement then they’ll have me to deal with. As for you Mr Martin – GOODBYE or AUF WIEDERSEHEN in their most etymological sense!


Yours etc.

Stanley Collymore.

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By Stanley Collymore



“Legally, although questionably so in a moral sense, every individual is entitled to his or her own prejudices, provided of course these bigotries don’t impact negatively on nor impair the lawful and inalienable rights of others; attendant with the full recognition that those who find these prejudices loathsome and staunchly oppose them aren’t only entitled to resist them but likewise have a moral obligation and legal right to do so.” Stanley V. Collymore, 28 October 2014.


The British police are up in arms because the incumbent Home Secretary, Theresa May has ordered that there be an intensive review of the seemingly nonchalant and widespread biased misuse of lasers transparently, diabolically and disproportionately employed on the streets of Britain and even within the victims’ homes against the mentally impaired, ethnic minority citizens and residents of the UK, and most particularly so Blacks.


Current (2014) official statistics unequivocally show that staggering and utterly disquieting numbers of the aforementioned taser victims totalling 30% who comprise the mentally impaired, while an incredible 50% of those tasered overall being Blacks that have frequently, often on a whim, been attacked and when this data is looked at in the cold objective and analytical observation provided by forensic scrutiny does tend to corroborate the widely held and categorically felt suspicions in those affected communities that those who were responsible for administering the tasering not only acted without any good cause: there was no discernible or even a notional threat to anyone, least of all those carrying out the tasering – except that is within their own deplorably sick, utterly depraved and purblind racist heads – which all empirical data to-date categorically show that all such taserings were exclusively carried out in the consummately secure environment and knowledge of absolute immunity being granted to all those concerned.


A situation implicitly and even explicitly assured at all times and officially as well at the highest levels of management within the several British police forces to those unrestrained, gung-ho, taser-wielding cops specifically selected for these duties because of their well known and deeply ingrained racist, mentally-impaired-phobia and xenophobic mindset, ideally suited characteristics for the units they’re attached to and the tasks they’re allotted to carry out, and who are distinctly Britain’s 21st Century equivalent of Nazi Germany’s Gestapo; and moreover and quite significantly because of their spurious and loathsomely skewed entrusted positions in the UK’s police forces know full well that even when their numerous acts of criminality and malfeasance, rarely if ever reported in the so-called mainstream British media, do occasionally surface and come to light in the public arena they’ll still never be brought to book for their criminal wrongdoings; will be at liberty to individually and or collectively disdainfully stick an insulting finger up at every conscionable member of the UK’s population as these deliberately unnamed recidivist cop criminals and even intentional murderers amongst their ranks smugly walk away from their culpabilities fortified by the cast iron guarantees of their Nazi and fascist-minded bosses.


The hierarchy of Britain’s police forces whose own hierarchical promotions throughout the police ranks have more to do with their own racist and intolerant approach to life compounded by their condescending and unwarranted attitudes towards those they dismissively look down upon, and precious little, if anything at all, to do with their much vaunted competence and or suitability – markedly, transparently and woefully lacking I must say – either as questionably matured individuals, which they patently are not, and even less so suitably qualified to be senior police officers ludicrously entrusted with and risibly put in charge of the key apparatuses of our nation’s law enforcement agencies.


The asinine equivalent, vis-à-vis these senior police appointments currently in vogue, to the odious and absolutely repugnant Monsanto outfit being inexplicably commissioned to overseer crop diversity and the guarantee of genuine and abundant organic foodstuff; or alternatively the insidious, profoundly pernicious, calculatedly recalcitrant, intentional and damnable, profiteering global polluters that administer BP being given a comprehensive mandate to safeguard the world’s environment from the widespread and poisonous pollution which BP itself, and principally so amongst the other foremost multinational oil corporations, is significantly and routinely responsible for. Such an idiotic approach in both the examples I’ve given doesn’t make sense to anyone other than the absolute brain-dead, that is: yet the appointments system, the management and the utterly dysfunctional and criminal running juxtaposed with the unbelievably bizarre and Mafiosi style operations of every one of Britain’s police forces, and particularly those of the Metropolitan Police, Greater Manchester and the Birmingham outfits are identical to the scenarios I characterized earlier using BP and Monsanto as prime examples of exactly how things shouldn’t be and how very much the lunatics have completely taken over the mental asylums more commonly known as our police forces.


Honestly, it’s stark lunacy gone absolutely mad, and works on the moronic principle that even though the policy in situ is one that has failed horrendously and done so repeatedly, nevertheless if persisted with it’ll eventually come good in the end. That’s utter rubbish! But then, those in charge of our police forces who benefit considerably in financial terms from what they’re engaged in as well as overseeing these activities are simply too thick to see the errors of their ways let alone possess the mental capacity or acumen to learn anything from their blunders. So self-indulgent mistake after self-indulgent mistake becomes utterly compounded with a deeply embedded composure on their part as well within this comfort zone culture of abysmal failure they’ve created for themselves.


Truth to tell the British police forces like BP and Monsanto aren’t simply toxic to the core and like Ebola extremely contagious and quite deadly to those whom they come in contact with, but are also totally unfit for any kind of purpose as they currently stand. And accordingly accounts for why the rather maniacal, not particularly bright and taser-wielding cops, completely dim-witted to start with, can’t see anything wrong in what they’re doing; and thoroughly shielded as they are by their mafia-type bosses with their Nazi and deeply entrenched racist mindset will essentially carry on as usual doing their customary business of calculatedly targeting and picking on Blacks, other ethnic minorities and the mentally impaired.


Alarmingly and quite dishonestly as well the police fraternity across the board from the higher ups right down to the cop on the beat would prefer to have us all believe that Theresa May’s directive on the blatant misuse by them of tasers on Black people, other ethnic minorities and the mentally impaired, that are also drawn largely from these same communities, is a bureaucratic nightmare for the alleged forces of law and order in our country, a total waste of time and manpower which will impact negatively on the efficiency, morale, smooth running and arrest rates of the police forces concerned. Come again?


Who are these prized assholes desperately trying to con; not sensible and intelligent folk like myself, I hope who’re well aware of the endemic incompetence compounded by the enduring criminality, corruption, manifest malfeasance, and the racist and xenophobic barbarism of our police forces? And not to mince my words this predominantly structured institution collectively known as the British police force and comprised almost exclusively, even in 21st Century, multi-ethnic Britain, of a conspicuously Albino membership – let’s summarily forget the white Caucasian crap with its attendant and securely entrenched supremacist and racist ideologies – were it not for their significant criminal and corrupt practices that they execute with impunity and sanctioned immunity, and ranging from the especially iniquitous infiltration of the Stephen Lawrence family and support group by an insidiously shadowy group of Metropolitan Police cops masquerading as supporters of the aforesaid Stephen Lawrence support group, doing so not to render assistance or harvest information liable to be instrumental in the arrest, prosecution and conviction of the racist killers of Stephen – that was never on the agenda of these undercover cops or their bosses who were inherently racist themselves – but rather to treacherously inveigle themselves into the confidences of those campaigning for justice for Stephen, and that included his family members, in order that these particularly nauseating rogue cop bastards could deceitfully and unwarrantedly tarnish the reputations of the Lawrence family members and their band of supporters. The kind of sinister and repulsive conduct that took us right up to the premeditated, public and cynical extra-judicial execution of Mark Duggan.


How ironic then the sanctimonious protestations of these highly intellectually challenged fuckers with a marked propensity for brutality and who comprise our British police forces are taking to their soap box claiming that Theresa May’s directive is impairing their work as reputable police officers, when in terms of properly adjudicating, addressing and tackling real as apart from fabricated “crimes” that these feral specimens of Homo sapiens are exceptionally good at doing, in the arena of real policing however they couldn’t successfully plot their way out of the proverbial sodden paper bag. So to employ the evidently phony excuse that monitoring their criminality with and the blatant misuse of taser guns will hamper their hands-on police work is just a load of crap!


Beats me that these are the same bastards who whenever it suits their nefarious purposes are quick to say to those sections of the British public they customarily target that if they’ve nothing to hide then they’ve nothing to fear. So if that’s the case and something which they honestly or even fervently believe what’s the problem then when their own patronizing advice is applied to them? But as everyone with a working brain in his or her head knows cunts like those who run or serve as foot soldiers in our police forces, and like all authoritarians everywhere across the west and its satrapies, don’t like having their own instituted rules applied to them. So it becomes a case of one law for them and another for the rest of us. And that I must say cuts no ice with me!


The facts are quite apparent. Britain is a country with a distinctly and overwhelmingly Albino-coloured – white Caucasian if you insist – population of 97%; and those of Black Caribbean origin, the vast majority of them comprising third and even fourth generation Brits, constitute a mere 1.1% of the general British population. I’ve purposely tweeted previous to the publication of these latest tweets of mine a number of official and statistical articles to demonstrate the gauntlet of discriminatory practices that Blacks as a rule are forced to confront in their daily lives and contend with as best they can, and if you’ve even a modicum of objectivity about you or fairness in your mental approach to life you’d ask yourself: “How would I feel if the same things were habitually happening in totally indistinguishable circumstances to me or members of my family, and moreover on an industrial scale? And essentially how would I react in terms of getting something done to rectify the situation?”


Your response to the questions I’ve posited, private or otherwise, will undoubtedly determine what sort of human being you are, or even if you’re fit to be classified as a human being. Think on that! Personally that is a matter for you and your conscience and one that you’ll have to resolve yourself, and candidly, I shan’t lose any sleep worrying about your decision one way or the other.


Nevertheless, despite the miniscule number of Blacks within the British population in terms of stops and searches on the one hand and being tasered on the other, both activities undertaken exclusively by white cops, Blacks are stopped and searched 30 times more than their white counterparts and tasered overall an astounding 50%. Now unless you’re actually brain-dead yourself like these racist cops who clearly think that Blacks have a much greater propensity to commit crimes than whites do, in which case attempting to drill any kind of sense into your skull would be quite analogous to trying to persuade an absolute moron endeavouring to swim the Atlantic singlehanded and unassisted what a futile endeavour it would be; and I’m not in the least partial to supporting or fighting lost causes.


Notwithstanding that anyone who studies the statistics presented in those articles which I’ve tweeted or does their own research online and sensibly analyses them would quickly see and conclude that there is something radically wrong at best and criminal at worst in what the British police are doing. And that’s not what policing should be all about!


Theresa May didn’t authorize her directive on tasering because she’s a Leftie or a great lover of Blacks or other non-white minorities; on the contrary! Actually, she’s a staunch member of the Nasty Party – to the uninitiated that’s the Tory or British Conservative Party – and where she sits is quite comfortably and very firmly ensconced on the far right of her party. So logic should dictate to all but utter numbskulls that if she is deeply concerned about what’s going on relative to discriminatory practices within the police forces of Britain for which she has ministerial responsibility as Home Secretary; practices like discriminatory and disproportionate stops and searches on a habitual basis based solely on the victim’s skin colour in tandem with the same approach being employed relative to tasering by the same police forces, that it isn’t exactly rocket science to correctly fathom out there’s something rotten in state of Britain, to liberally paraphrase William Shakespeare. And furthermore that that decaying something has to be urgently and transparently addressed, regardless of what our racist police forces or racist members of the public think.


The principal difference between these two bodies of moronic, racist cretins being that racist police officers have given to them statutory powers for the execution of their official and appropriate duties that unscrupulous cops can hide their inherent or cultivated racism behind to the complete detriment of those whom they racially target, abuse and even like Mark Duggan extra-judicially assassinate. Racist pillocks like you however, and thankfully so, don’t have such statutory powers!


Consequently, I’m now of the opinion that universally all the British police forces should be armed. Not because I honestly or sensibly think that this is a progressive way forward or that in any way, shape or form it’s how a police force operating in the 21st Century and furthermore supposedly answerable to a public it’s ostensibly legally constituted to protect, not frighten the living daylights out of, should function. Far from it!


Neither am I a weapons fanatic – in all honesty I absolutely loathe the bloody things; nor am I either for that matter someone with a Hollywood-type bloodlust mindset or a USA-NRA, always shoot first and ask questions later, gun-loving and gun-toting, maniacal sociopath with deeply troubling psychological and psychopathic tendencies; as none of these things could be further from the truth where I’m concerned. However, I’m a pragmatist and as such resort to pragmatic solutions when it’s patently obvious that all efforts at instituting coherent, sensible and compellingly convincing and totally advantageous solutions to intolerable problems are intractably rebuffed by the very side that is directly responsible for officiously and most offensively creating those problems in the first place.


Every scrap of objective and empirical data to-date show that the British police forces in total aren’t only, as they’re currently constituted, not fit for purpose but collectively are also criminal and corrupt entities that are systematically burdensome to the general public periodically, and to specified and consistently targeted sections of it, particularly dangerous at all times.


When I was 10 years old and on the eve of starting my secondary education at the prestigious early 18th Century established grammar school I was about to attend, my maternal Grandmother who I’ve always had a very close bond with as I also did with both sets of my grandparents, but especially so with Gran, and who in turn had a similar relationship with her own maternal grandmother born into slavery in Barbados: whose money from England’s, there was no United Kingdom then, global and monopolistic control of the massively profitable sugar, rum and molasses industries centred in Barbados and where they all initially began, juxtaposed with the blood, sweat, tears and industrious labour of enslaved Black Barbadians like my great-great-grandparents exclusively financed the English Industrial Revolution as well as significantly revolutionized and completely transformed the economic structure within England and well as the social lives of the English people - and so knowing firsthand from her enslaved Grandmother the gruesome accounts of the inhuman treatment and tribulations that Black slaves underwent as a matter of course, my Gran had me sit down next to her as she always adopted with me whenever I was around, and offered me the following and exceedingly sound advice.


Starting with the quite obvious to me and all those who knew us well of how profoundly she loved me, she hugged me tenderly and advised me thus. When I saw trouble approaching she said I was to always give it a wide berth and avoid it at all costs; and if it were to still carry on following me I should continue taking the same steps as before but redouble my efforts to avoid it. However, if those who were responsible for creating and or encouraging that trouble for whatever perverse reasons they’d either intentionally or else idiotically arrived at and accordingly decided to mistake or assume the restraint that had been repeatedly shown on my part for cowardice or my fear of them, and fortified by this lunatic misconception on their part forced me into a corner and precluded my every attempt to evade them, then I was to instantaneously, uncompromisingly and unapologetically fight back with everything at my disposal, as I irrepressibly and unhesitatingly put their lights out. In short, kill them!


That done I wasn’t to show any remorse for my actions or even apologise or feel ashamed for what I did, even if as a consequence I had to spend the rest of my natural life in jail or end up having to forfeit it on Death Row were the country concerned to have in situ capital punishment. For at the very least either way I would have granted myself the definitive satisfaction of knowing that those who were responsible for my unwarranted predicament were no longer breathing God’s wholesome air.


Additionally my Gran also instilled in me that with the self-same stoicism to life and exceptional fortitude selflessly displayed by my enslaved ancestors and most particularly so her own maternal grandmother and my great-great-grandmother, I should never under any circumstance fear death or ever allow the prospect of it, however imminent, to compromise the entrenched principles that she and others had constructively imbued in me, much less so were I to ever depart from them. And I can honestly say that I’ve steadfastly maintained the dedicated faith they’ve placed in me and that in turn is a situation that will never change.


Gran also taught me never to hastily jump to or reach conclusions or hurriedly make decisions about any thing, suggesting instead that I should always calmly and objectively apprise myself fully to my own satisfaction of the facts or relevant information that was available to me before I decided, if need be, to act. However, if action was ever required then I must at all times wholeheartedly commit myself to what I intended to do and whatever consequences might result from my doing so. Likewise, she solemnly advised me that whatever the provocation was that I faced from either my known or potential enemies, or anyone else come to that, I should never allow any of them at any time or given circumstance to determine for me what my response, if any, should be; nor should I make threats to any of them; just categorical promises that I resolutely intended to follow though with.


A coordinated approach to problem solving which frankly and understandably has become and also securely underpins my modus operandi. And furthermore one that I’m not only completely comfortable with but also have no intention whatsoever of departing from let alone ever relinquishing. These are all concepts I know which, if not exactly alien, are undeniably hard and even inconceivable for those with their pernicious obsession with money, power and all things distinctly materialistic to identify with or understand let alone bring themselves to accept, notwithstanding that when they finally die, that is a stark inevitability which none of them just like the rest of us can’t stave off, they can’t take any of these things, including their ill-gotten gains, with them.


My life and how I live it however is in marked contrast indelibly and enduringly shaped, nurtured and staunchly reinforced by the consummate wisdom, diverse experiences, positive actions and steely determination demonstrated by those, past and present, slaves and free persons alike, who’ve been crucial to it; as well as my own contributions largely inspired by them and the role model examples and statuses they’ve set me. So it’s completely different, and thankfully so, from much of what I see and daily encounter in contemporary Britain and the rest of the west. And significantly is a path I shall cheerfully continue to follow.


So against that backdrop it should come as no surprise to anyone that the advice given to me by my Gran all those years ago is alive and well; has been fully and unreservedly inculcated by me; constitutes as ever the tenets by which I live my everyday life; and significantly are the principles for which I’d contentedly forfeit my life if it ever comes to that! Therefore it’s a given that I’ll kill if I ever have to regardless of the gender of the individual concerned. However, there is one cardinal rule in that regard which I steadfastly and conscionably abide by. Specifically, that I would never gratuitously kill any unarmed person – in the strictest sense of the etymological meaning of the word unarmed – however loathsome that individual is, unless my own life or that of someone particularly close to me is seriously threatened and either or both of us are in imminent danger from our assailant; and that includes police officers who currently, in Britain anyway, are generally unarmed.


However, were British police officers to be universally armed while at the same time being gratuitously allowed the impunity and immunity they’re presently granted to carry on in the evidently lawless manner they’re currently operating, such a move would from my perspective change the entire dynamics of what would then in my opinion be a level playing field for the prompt facilitation of a justifiable and similarly lethal response to the entirely deadly game that the murderous and corrupt cops in their ranks, aided and keenly abetted by their criminal Mafia bosses are bigotedly playing with the lives of targeted sections of our communities. And put bluntly, that’s the only reason why I suggested earlier that every police officer in the UK should be given a gun.


Those who run Britain and are still ludicrously living in the past and moreover find themselves supported in this endeavour by many likeminded morons within the British public either appear to be unwilling to or incapable of acknowledging the fact that we’re all of us living in the 21st century, not the 17th, 18th, 19th or even the early 20th Century; and, as such, the British Empire and the attitudes redolent with it are to every sensible individual dead and should be permanently buried as happened with the other empires before the emergence of the British one. And good riddance I say!


Alas, however, there are those in positions of power and influence who still carry on deluding themselves that Britain’s position in the world is otherwise than what it really is. A perverse situation that sadly affects us all and is ironically compounded by these morons’ lack of national self-respect, completely sycophantic attitudes and knee-jerk responses to everything American. We’ve seen it evidenced in our so-called foreign policy decisions; court rulings at the highest levels and even the restructuring of our principal court among many other things. And now it’s not only affecting but also infesting our police forces as well.


Roger B. Taney, Chief Justice at the time, in collaboration with the other judges of the US Supreme Court on March 6, 1857 ruled: “That a Black man [all Blacks in effect] has no rights which the white man [take that to mean all whites] was bound to respect.” And that was about the nicest or mildest – take your pick – thing he had to say in his judgement which was littered with the most dehumanizing to any Black person and white supremacist language imaginable.


Now 157 years on there are those in Britain: the PM, Deputy PM, Leader of the official opposition in the House of Commons, their respective political parties, members of the House of Lords; quite senior civil servants, judges at all levels of the judiciary, magistrates across the board, ombudsmen/women, Cabinet Ministers, MPs, the Crown Prosecution Service, every British police force, the IPCC and most UK local councils together with senior retired military officers and “ennobled” former police bosses, and even the English and Home Football Associations cheerfully singing from the same hymn sheet whose music was written and orchestrated by Roger B. Taney and his Cabal of racist, white supremacist US Supreme Court judges.


However, Roger B. Taney’s conclusions in 1857 aren’t ones I would have countenanced then were I alive at the time; would ever have timidly acquiesced in at anytime or under any circumstance, and sure as hell in the 21st Century that I happen to live in don’t in anyway constitute an attitude I’ll ever tolerate let alone accept from a collective of rather dim-witted and fucking supremacist, racist, British Establishment Albino figures – aka white Caucasians – or anyone else come to that, regardless of what station in life they hold in the UK or what public institutions they either run or belong to.


So please take my advice, if the lot of you actually have the balls to do so that is, and universally arm not just the British police but also all the other maniacal demented cunts I earlier mentioned, then let’s all see what comes out of this innovative free for all, since you won’t be the only ones this time, as you’ve been doing all along for several decades now, and not just proverbially but also quite literally too sadistically shooting fish in a barrel while laughingly as well getting away with it.


Well, I know I’m game for the challenge if you cowardly, racist bastards are! And as Gran would be proud of me for saying it: “I don’t make threats just categorical promises!”

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By Stanley Collymore



Life can at times be such a vexatious conundrum

periodically testing our mettle and always

checking to see if we can properly

cope with what it presents us

with or even efficiently

deal with them while

firmly chiding us for either squandering

the opportunities that it sends our

way or else through our short-

sightedness and evident

inability to think beyond the present day that we

find ourselves in ignoring them altogether,

because such an attitude is a lot easier

to readily adjust to and rather

regrettably does often for

some tend to carry

great sway.


Either way Life’s ventures do set a tangible, quite

positive, as well as a durable benchmark whose

challenges, presented as such, we’re then

left at liberty to willingly take on

board or otherwise voluntarily

dispense with in the full

knowledge that whatever choices we

decisively opt for and of our own

volition do make are the ones

best suited to meet and

properly fulfil our

most personal



And throughout your consummately gratifying,

tremendously fascinating, spiritedly

courageous in the face of death

and commendably diverse

life as an accomplished

actress, loving mother and devoted wife,

you’ve undoubtedly been the truest

epitome of what’s inherently the

very best in us mere mortal

human beings, Lynda



© Stanley V. Collymore

24 October 2014.




Author’s Condolence:


In thankful appreciation for the wondrous joy and inner satisfaction that you instinctively and artlessly brought to so many millions of us Lynda, interposed with the humility which you so commendably inspired in countless others as you stoically accepted, courageously and uncomplainingly faced up to, and with not even a hint of self-pity made light of and even unaffectedly embraced the inevitability of your impending death.


Truly a remarkable inspiration as well as a phenomenal role model to us all who already miss you sorely, will continue to do so, and enduringly make sure for the rest of our own mortal lives that you’ll be fondly remembered; so no goodbyes, just a heartfelt farewell from me.


With that in mind and together with all the many millions who loved you individually and cherished your amazing charisma and abilities I extend the fervent wish that you rest in eternal peace, Lynda in the firm awareness on our part that you’ll equally and just as successfully brighten up your permanent celestial home every bit as you did your temporary and earthly one.


Notwithstanding that, I’d additionally like to express my deepest and sincerest condolences to your immediate family members and closest friends for their sad loss.


Lynda Bellingham: Born 31 May 1948 died 19 October 2014; age 66 years. Occupation: Broadcaster, Actress, Author.

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