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By Stanley Collymore



Not literally you see, as I’m only speaking

metaphorically and consequently must

choose my words most carefully so

as not to inadvertently convey to

all and sundry the wrong

impression that either previously or

currently have I ever directly, indirectly

or even remotely so been personally,

Good gracious me, involved in

buggering or having myself

buggered by anyone; or,

euphemistically put,

indulged in acts of



Presently activities that quite lawfully can

be participated in by both women and

men who, in Britain at least, can

now legitimately get married

in the process and thereby

assist, to some degree,

in gradually alleviating the entrenched

public aversion to what many among

it resolutely with an undisguised

and undiminished hostility still

perceive as unnatural and

even ungodly liaisons.


And seemingly conveniently overlooking the

glaring fact that female sexual deviants

were neither similarly affected by

nor ever subjected to the same

judgemental, public opprobrium or judicial

sanctions that concertedly were highly

damaging and likewise a constant

bane in the lives of their male

counterparts. How so?

Quite simply really;

Queen Victoria

just didn’t

want to



For doggedly, dishonestly and blatantly masquerading

behind that cunningly contrived, imperious and

puritanical façade of hers she’d implacably

refused to sign into law the House of

Commons Act which would have

outlawed lesbianism as

well as homosexuality, lyingly declaring

that women weren’t corrupted by any

such deviant condition; and so

the Prime Minister of the

day meekly caved in

to her barefaced

and flagrant



Fast-forwarding to the 21st Century what concerns me

most is not how many queers, poofs, bottom-bashers,

leslies, dykes or fanny- thumpers – politely put

gays and lesbians – there are in our country,

who they are personally or what they

lawfully and consensually get up to

in their private lives, as none

of this bothers me in the least. But as the character

Rigsby in the TV series, Rising Damp pithily put

it, there are many influential and Establishment

figures here in the UK, who if they had their

way dual gender homosexuality laid bare

in all its diverse forms wouldn’t just be

legal, they would damn well ensure

as well it was made compulsory.

And that, quite, frankly, is a

bridge too far; even for

someone as clearly

tolerant as me!


© Stanley V. Collymore

25 January 2015.




Author’s Remarks:


In January 2015 in the immediate aftermath of the Zionist, false flag operational attacks in Paris the sane residents of Europe and the rest of the world through the fawning courtesy of the western corporate media: state as well as privately owned and controlled, were zealously, fulsomely, premeditatedly and most cynically subjected to the calculatedly pre-planned and absolutely ludicrous, in my opinion, totally obscene spectacle of the naively good, heinously bad and obdurately evil-minded, in tandem with the habitually crass, easily manipulated and brain-dead gullible [how ever I wonder would the 21st Century manage to operate so entirely dysfunctionally without the presence of these mindless jerks?] collectively corralled into rather effusively supporting and actually physically participating in a Paris, France street march that ostensibly its lying and dishonest organizers – who are no strangers themselves to egregiously and calculatingly instigating most of the political and societal chaos, mendaciously contrived mayhem, unwarranted destruction, and even some of the most callous and savagely executed murders throughout the world - barefacedly and quite fraudulently maintain was a necessary public manifestation of their resolute, uncompromisingly determined and daringly undeterred commitment to the absolute tenets of freedom of expression, free speech and the individual’s inalienable and unchallenged right to permanently and in every possible situation exercise the aforementioned at will.


This notwithstanding the transparently observable and instantaneously recognizable fact that these infernally cretinous, odiously demented, demonically hypocritical and the consummate and perfidious past masters of the most inimically-conceived duplicity imaginable evidently don’t practice what they hubristically and markedly egotistically preach to others, especially those whom with no rationalization at all they care little or nothing about and conspicuously disdainfully despise. Since for them and their numerous supporters freedom of expression, attendant with its free speech assertion, is highly selective and all about them and their assumed exclusive right, as they perversely see it, to gratuitously and even with intent abuse, denigrate and also publicly humiliate at will, and in whatever form they elect to, those groups or individuals whom they intentionally marginalize or disfavour and, furthermore, with the expectation and enjoyment of absolute impunity to do so.


And should they be challenged on any of this ought with blanket immunity to be at liberty to dishonestly claim that such “unreasonable” requests which they then disingenuously interpret as “demands” being made on them are totally absurd and, what’s more, are clearly motivated by what they untruthfully characterize as “political correctness.” However, were their opponents or others thoroughly sickened by their hypocrisy and double-standards to adopt the same approach and spearhead a similar campaign of vitriol against them, even through the art form of satire which these charlatans belatedly claim to love so much, then that becomes wholly unacceptable and those who’re responsible for this must be severely punished; even if it entails having to fully deploy the full extent and apparatus of noticeably skewed laws against them to get the desired result that these egocentric nerds want.


And it would be wise, I think, to generally recognize that Charlie Hebdo, their latest standard bearer in this Machiavellian crusade of theirs, is to satire and free speech what prostitution or unequivocally running a brothel is to Catholic nuns in an established nunnery; in other words these activities are wholly incongruous and implausible with the prescribed status and known proclivities of the particular body concerned. And since Freedom of Expression and also Free Speech are now seemingly the rediscovered, overtly as well as overly publicized and actively encouraged buzzwords formally endorsed by and with the official imprimatur of our virtuous rulers stamped all over them, I’ve consciously, of my own volition, decided to test the waters of this panacea of western libertarianism by simply not only writing but also publishing this poem, “Well bugger me!”


I’m neither a homophobe nor an aficionado of homosexuality in any of its gender forms [why should I be when it’s not my bag and I’ve no personal axe to grind one way or another?]; but I’m well aware that homosexuality is being cynically and rather concertedly used by the British political class, our rulers – economically and politically - and most typically and quite incontestably our Establishment too. And I say this because while the overwhelming majority of these people are quite prepared to either cowardly or deceitfully hide behind the façade of marriage to mask their homosexual proclivities and attendant perversions, and moreover have been doing so for yonks; with the unanticipated revelations of paedophilia and other forms of child abuse in their ranks coupled with a surge of historical cases virtually daily coming to the fore, as longsuffering victims have finally found the courage to speak out knowing that finally they’ll be listened to, which clearly wasn’t the case in the past, our Establishment and other elite paedophiles have become tremendously rattled concomitant with the profound and very pervasive fear that they’ll be found out at last and appropriately dealt with.


And so what the British people are being cynically subjected to is a raft of homosexually friendly laws that are calculatingly designed to create an environment which is conducive to homosexuality per se, give the appearance that it’s entirely free of all its past stigmas and, in the process, create an environment among the many morons within our society, as we observed with the Charlie Hebdo scenario, that homosexuality is officially quite cool but with the unspoken and sinister undertones that hopefully the perversions of political, so-called celebrity and Establishment paedophilia and other heinous child abuses including murder, can summarily and permanently be swept under the elitist carpet, while the “Sacred Cow” of homosexuality prevails.


Now how’s that for Freedom of Expression and Free Speech?


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By Stanley Collymore



In a world of rampant disingenuousness; of studied

narcissism overtly and preponderantly parading

itself and deceitfully masquerading in the

process as honesty and truth, and

where dissembling has become an art form

of its own, you Anne Kirkbride were the

complete opposite of all these things,

exemplifying instead a refreshing

and blooming oasis of heartfelt

humanity and genuine talent

that was professionally yet

endearingly dispensed in

what’s still mainly and

otherwise a barren,

run of the mill and

talentless desert

of established



And for this, all the cherished memories which you’ve

left me and millions more and the affinity, coupled

with that characteristic Lancastrian charm

that you dispensed so well both on and

off our TV screens but most notably

and immortally for me in

Corrie Street, I shall eternally be most grateful to you.

So farewell Anne Kirkbride – Deidre Barlow –

and with the curtains having finally, but

alas and regrettably for me and many

millions more of your adoring and

grieving fans, prematurely and

permanently fallen on your

earthly performances, I’m

absolutely sure, even as

your earthly credits

are being rolled out, justly lauded and rightly

applauded, that the stage is already set

celestially for an even bigger, more

rewarding and eternal role,

specially scripted for

you, and waiting

to be played!


© Stanley V. Collymore

20 January 2015.




Author’s Remarks:


There are times when situations unexpectedly impact so seriously and emotionally on one’s self that regardless of how competent one actually is verbally words just simply aren’t enough to convey the shock and profound sadness that that specific occurrence has engendered.


The untimely death of Anne Kirkbride – affectionately, endearingly and enduringly known to millions of us as Deidre Barlow, the character which with her consummate and natural skills she so convincingly and professionally played in the long running and iconic British television series, Coronation Street, also lovingly referred to as Corrie or Corrie Street – is one such occurrence.


So in grateful appreciation for all the cherished memories you personally given me Deidre Barlow, I’ll simply say: “Farewell Anne Kirkbride – Deidre Barlow – and thank you; and although you’ll be sorely missed, you’ll never be forgotten! R.I.P.”


My condolences to your husband, other family members, your close friends and the cast and administrators at Coronation Street.


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By Stanley Collymore



When I was in the Royal Air Force I flew a multitude of times across the length and breadth of the UK and the same is also true when I reverted to being a civilian once more; in both regards activities that with absolute certainty, and up to the time of my writing this article, I can quite categorically state, and because I still absolutely adore flying, significantly outnumber those of the average Briton of any gender, race or social background.


And one thing I specifically noticed from being up in the sky over the entirety of Britain is how sparsely populated our country actually is; or put another way just how pristine and quite literally open-spaced hugely significant areas of the United Kingdom still very much are, and in actuality, even in allegedly overpopulated 21st Century Britain, amount to a staggeringly 70% - yes you did read that correctly – of Britain’s entire land mass. Most of which incidentally is privately owned by the Royal Family, the British aristocracy, well-heeled landowners or corporate entities.


For although Britain, and England especially, superficially at first glance both appear to be massively overcrowded, in reality our diverse populations: citizens and foreign residents alike, are actually crammed into the obviously remaining 30% of the country left, and that rather unsurprisingly, in the given circumstances, falsely conveys the utterly misleading impression, fraudulently peddled by opportunistic populist politicians, endemic racists and xenophobes alike that, to all intents and purposes, the entire country is massively overcrowded with people and, what’s more, in relation to this completely inexcusable state of affairs has quite inevitably reached the fragile breaking point where this wholly intolerable, conspicuously out of hand to all reasonable people that is, and protractedly ongoing situation has become absolutely unbearable.


And naturally in the course of events prompting angry and justifiable demands, since previously polite and convincingly expressed requests for change have all fallen on deaf ears, for the drastic and rapid depletion from the entire UK of this entire lot of foreign hordes that are unmistakably responsible for creating the problem in the first place; are similarly ongoingly making an already heightened and extremely difficult situation infinitely worse, and the only remedy for which is to put a permanent stop to it in order to save Britain from this perilous folly that our absolutely and completely supine leaders have most asininely, unabatedly and noticeably perversely allowed, and furthermore have even encouraged to go on for so long. Rather than effectively and lastingly ensuring that these wholly unwelcome and markedly perfidious immigrant hordes lodged within our midst are totally and unconcernedly, to all senseless and irresponsible dissent against such a move, permanently got rid of, one way or another, from the entire face of the United Kingdom.


Well that’s the expressed point of view, anyway, albeit an utterly and psychopathically demented one of those that are largely, intransigently and dishonestly bleating the most about immigration into Britain – their own undeniable and distinctly, in the overwhelming majority of cases, lowly and refugee status immigrant roots and ancestry conveniently shunted aside – while manifestly at the same time thunderously beating this particular hateful drum of racism and rabid xenophobia to spuriously rally a largely, decidedly gullible and grossly ill-informed British public to their own political cause, and likewise for their power-hungrily obsessed and discernibly avaricious financial ends – even if they’re fully aware of the genuine facts corresponding to a supposedly claimed but in reality a totally and distinctly falsely stated swarming Britain as apart from the more convenient, politically valuable, racist, xenophobically motivated and for themselves the comfortingly amenable propagandistic narrative and pernicious diatribe readily to hand – but considerably hypocritically, and again determinedly self-servingly, don’t find it either in their deceitful or vainglorious, personal interests or the overall good of our nation for that matter to put the real record straight; and so the excessive litany of lies in tandem with the burgeoning cavalcade of the cruelly duped roll on inexorably.


This against the totally dishonest but even so the relevant backdrop of the officially promulgated and actively encouraged, deceitful narrative of two discernibly present but nevertheless, it must emphatically be stated, contradictory and staggeringly discomfiting realities that the vociferous opponents of non-white immigration into Britain either ignorantly or nefariously wilfully choose to ignore.


For example, the meticulously well-documented and also presently existing proof of the brutally stolen, ongoingly appropriated, totally controlled and exclusively administered by whites only of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and, of course, the United States of America for starters. These aforementioned activities very much concomitant with the savage and ethnic cleansing, colossal extermination and the grotesquely intentional marginalization in their own indigenous homelands of those who managed to survive these cruelly inflicted, racist and pertinacious acts of humanity callously engineered and executed under the auspices of systematic, white Caucasian barbarism.


These activities, which in themselves were physically as well as morally horrendously wrong and absolutely despicable, despite that were additionally compounded all the same by the widespread theft of these indigenous peoples’ natural resources that belonged to their relevant countries, and most bizarrely, taking into consideration how these whites came to be in these countries that they had quite savagely stolen in the first place, the manifestly and ironic imposition of very stringent, racially motivated and methodically implemented immigration rules and laws in relation to these purloined countries, which calculatedly and discrimatively favoured, and still do to this very day, yet more whites over all other people, in my opinion quite literally stinks!


A policy calculatingly conceived and shamelessly implemented to ably assist the callous carrying on, both contemptibly and contemptuously, of the methodically espoused, widespread, egregious and extremely iniquitous programmes of the downright debilitating exploitation, marginalization and premeditatedly inflicted and deeply traumatizing humiliation of those who were most cruelly and sickeningly subjugated, and currently still are, in their own indigenous homelands.


Crucially in all of this however, none of these white Caucasian stolen lands and de facto culpable countries in these criminal enterprises are geographically European nor are they remotely located anywhere near the continent of Europe where these Europeans initially stemmed from; although this discernible, factual reality evidently does not in the least stop their arrogant, interloping and assigned rulers, along with their fellow non-indigenous white settler residents together with their albino-coloured kith and kin back in Europe, and particularly so the UK, from bizarrely – even as they endeavour to boot out all non-whites from England and the rest of Europe for in their eyes not rightfully belonging there – deluding themselves that these aforementioned stolen countries and others, in identical circumstances to those I’ve already mentioned, are therefore for practical purposes European in every regard and even quite ludicrously physically so, thus causing these white and unquestionably brain-dead nincompoops not only living in them but also the UK and the rest of Europe as well to behave accordingly.


While simultaneously, of course, promulgating and actively promoting their distinctly racist and xenophobically-minded rhetoric from behind the seemingly, to all intents and wholly fabricated purposes, public-spirited and philanthropic concerns both of themselves and also the overall and white purported “indigenous” population of Britain; but in stark reality is nothing more than the completely mendacious and manufactured façade of a downright and manipulatively engineered community and nationwide campaign assiduously conducted over hyped figures of unchecked or unrestricted levels of immigration into Britain and consequently in those specific circumstances their alleged effects on the domestic population here in the UK as well as the rest of Europe.


This notwithstanding the indisputably moral effects as well as the physically devastating but, all the same, predictable consequences which automatically emanate from them of crucially having every facility readily accorded to these white European interlopers to easily move at will, to and fro, from their stolen lands comprising the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, for example, to Britain, the rest of Europe, and similarly between the pilfered countries that they still control.


No such indulgences though or concessions granted however to those who’re perceived by these very same people and their Europe-based kith and kin ilk to be cursed with a different ethnicity from and skin colour to those of white Caucasians, or most ironically the savagely displaced and comprehensively marginalized indigenous peoples of those thoroughly immense lands and global regions whose countries the forbearers of these very same whites, and now they themselves, have collectively and quite barbarically purloined for themselves and have no intention of ever sharing let alone relinquishing to anyone, including those to whom these countries rightfully belong.


A state of affairs grotesquely compounded by the collective as well as the enforced shedding of the blood, sweat and the rivers of tears of from those who were and are still being subjugated in their own indigenous homelands, together with the comprehensive utilization and the methodical exploitation of their well-known and documented slave labour in conjunction with the avaricious and awfully brutal acquisition of their countries’ enormous, natural resources in addition to their immense national wealth, all of which have continuously in the past, and still is, been covetously administered by white Caucasians; have hugely contributed, both previously and currently, to the ongoing and disproportionate enrichment not only of Britain but also every one of the countries situated in mainland Europe; even most ironically political and entirely cultural nonentities like Belgium, where most ironically but quite significantly none the less the headquarters of both the European Union and NATO are located.


In conclusion, how could I possibly either honestly or honourably embark on a critique like this without mentioning the Chagos Islanders, also known as the Chagossians, and whose treatment by Britain and consecutive UK regimes, in marked contrast to that handed out to the residents of the Falkland Islands, is a damning indictment of everything that is conceivably rotten, immoral, contemptible, exploitative, hideously racist, imperialist, colonialist, xenophobic and perennially criminal about the UK per se; and in particular the hubristically and egotistically self-named and self-appointed First Division - effectively the top UK Civil Service mandarins - privileged elites; Britain’s political class; and most crucially the endemically corrupt, unconscionably self-seeking and inherently obsessively avaricious regimes of every political hue that, in the case of the latter, the combined but unfortunate actions of the pathetically ill-informed in conjunction with those of the intransigently idiotic among our electorate recurrently hand power to.


With individual, comparable populations of around 2000 in number – in the case of the Chagos Islands a black indigenous people while those living on the Falkland Islands have always been white, itinerant settlers expressly associated with whaling in its heyday – Britain spent over one billion Pounds Sterling waging a war with Argentina which arguably, both historically as well as geographically, has a much better and a more realistic entitlement to ownership of the Falklands than the United Kingdom reasonably ever had or does, and doing so ostensibly it was claimed by the British government of Margaret Thatcher and every other UK one since; the UK parliament; the heads of the British military; and fanatical fellow jingoists associated with Britain – of whom there were then and still are a multitude of them – to defend the inalienable rights and wishes of the Falklanders; and which as recently as 2014 the incumbent Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron steadfastly defended and gave a cast-iron undertaking that Britain will ceaselessly do everything in its power to permanently safeguard.


No such considerations for, any empathy with or absolute assurances have been granted however to the brutally ousted and totally ethnically cleansed by the British Labour government of Harold Wilson - activities which have continuously, callously, sadistically and cheerfully been embraced and unequivocally endorsed by all successive British regimes since then and most ironically right up to the current 2015 one of David Cameron himself – and all this at the specific behest of the Americans, of the indigenous population of the Chagos Islands; in the identical way that quite demonstrably not the slightest concern has been shown by any of these British governments – in reality the reaction has been quite the opposite and emphatically that includes David Cameron’s Con-Dem regime as well - when manifestly unlike the completely disingenuous and conspicuous double standards’ profusion of apprehension over the professed human rights of the Falklanders no such disquiet was ever voiced or is likewise regarded as necessary in the case of the Chagos Islanders.


And it gets even worse! As genuine British subjects the Chagos Islanders should have been given that basic protection automatically. Previously finding themselves as the involuntary colonials of France their unasked for status as subjects of France instantaneously changed when Britain in yet another of its imperialistic, absolutely senseless and seemingly never-ending wars with its closest European neighbour France evidently got this Indian Ocean archipelago of islands, that the locals call the Chagos Islands, as the accustomed spoils of war in whatever ensuing ping pong switch of territories that constantly went on between these two European adversaries in the wake of one or other nonsensical episode of their ritual blood letting. So along the lines of what was the standard practice at the time, strictly and universally applied by Britain throughout its global empire, the indigenous population of the Chagos Islands, exactly like everyone else living in this empire on which the British authorities, Britain’s imperialist colonizers residing abroad and the country’s domestic subjects at home proudly, hubristically and collectively boasted that the sun never set, consequentially, like millions of other British colonials globally, instantaneously became British subjects, regardless of whether or not they deemed themselves as such or wanted to be; as no one in any British government or at any time ever for that matter thought fit to judge it as appropriate to ask of them what they actually desired.


In marked contrast those living on the Falkland Islands weren’t British citizens but crucially they were white; and therefore taking into full consideration the rather sick mindset of those in Britain and most especially their rulers there, that vitally was all that actually mattered to each and every one of them in the end. For without a doubt, skin colour and race were uppermost in the minds of these similarly albino-coloured morons that inhabit the UK and was consequently a fundamental aspect as to why in their millions they quite exuberantly but also rather foolishly cheered on this idiotic Falklands military enterprise while their government spent in excess of one billion Pounds Sterling to murderously execute it. In any case who either impartially or ethically can ever forget the rather despicable and war crimes episode of this decidedly nasty and exploitative, colonialist war on the part of Britain, especially in relation to the Belgrano affair?


None the less, the British government with the wholehearted support of many within the United Kingdom had no hesitation in instantaneously granting full British citizenship to all the residents of the Falkland Islands and even went one further liberally entitling them as well to have all the time at their discretion to unimpeded and permanently access not simply the right to come and go as they pleased in relation to Britain but also to live there in the same manner as those who were lawfully born and raised in the UK, or had legally become naturalized citizens of our country.


Not so the Chagos Islanders, however, who although legitimately British citizens from the very outset were nevertheless collectively and callously stripped of their British citizenship when in the most unprincipled, racist and odious manner imaginable they were ethnically and illegally cleansed from their Chagos Islands, indigenous homeland. But even so, when after considerable domestic pressure and entirely justified condemnation concertedly directed against the actions of the British government towards the Chagos Islanders both from inside the United Kingdom itself as well as abroad eventually forced the British government to grudgingly relent and restore to the Chagos Islanders what was rightfully theirs, this grudging concession did nevertheless come with severe strings attached to it.


These manifestly wronged people from the Chagos Islands could live in Britain, were they to opt to do so, if financially they could afford to make it there that is from the rank squalor and poverty in which they were rather unceremoniously and most uncaringly dumped in on Mauritius and the Seychelles and happily unforgotten left there penniless and completely destitute when Britain, in every sense of those words, ethnically cleansed them from their indigenous homeland. Therefore, none of the privileges and benefits gratuitously but fulsomely granted to those from the Falkland Islands wouldn’t be theirs either, since these benefits and privileges all conspicuously had the tag “whites only” firmly affixed to them; and the Chagos Islanders are conspicuously either Black or Brown! A decidedly racist policy that was eagerly and officiously implemented by those British local authorities in whose markedly white and sacrosanct environs those miniscule numbers of Chagos Islanders that did make it to England landed in on their disembarkation from the planes that brought them to Britain. A frosty reception for them in which they were rather imperiously and heartlessly told by these white racist and local council jobsworths that nothing at all could be materially done for them even in respect of provisional accommodation; nor could they expect any financial help to be forthcoming either, since and I quote:


“Although you may very well be British, even so you haven’t been habitually resident within the UK!”


Now just mull over that one for even a cursory moment and, as you do so, try to put yourself in the shoes of these Chagos Islanders; then realistically see how you would personally feel. You’re forcibly and criminally kicked out of your homeland, treated most abominably by those who’ve done this to you for their own avaricious and financial gain; ruthlessly and continuously deprived of every opportunity to regain what’s unquestionably legally yours and to return there, and when in desperation you turn up on the doorstep of those who’re responsible for your predicament that is the condescendingly dismissive response you get from them and the completely mindless and nepotistic jobbsworths that are employed in their service. And the initial upshot of all this is, that you’re then actually compelled through circumstances to rough it in places like the public areas at Gatwick Airport, in municipal parks and wherever else that you can; demeaningly obliged to depend on handouts and public utilities like toilets and showers to at least enable you to preserve some semblance of personal hygiene and human dignity. I know because I met with, talked to, helped support and interviewed many of these people forced to live in these dreadful conditions. So this matter is not just another ethically driven article on my part; it’s also personal too.


Naturally, the Chagos islanders hadn’t previously habitually lived in the UK, and frankly had no bloody need to as they had their own country where for generations they lived quite happily and moreover expected to carry on doing so, and significantly still want to, if the fucking British had not done the bloody dirty on them. And returning to the hypothetical situation I placed you in, it doesn’t have to be an individual island or for that matter an archipelago of them as pertains in the Chagos Islanders case, so let’s instead simply assume it was your home. And bearing in mind the obsession that the British attach to home ownership, I can categorically state that you wouldn’t at all in the least be pleased if something like this were to happen to you; and the same goes for the mother-fuckers that run this country, and the evil bastards who did this to the Chagos Islanders in the first place.


And when one of those who has predominantly and callously been responsible for reinforcing the chronological, premeditated and ongoing problems of the Chagos Islanders is David Miliband: a bloody Yiddish, Nazi-Zionist Jew, while his brother and younger sibling Ed: both of whom quite desperately wanting to be Prime Minister of Britain because they arrogantly and egotistically just like all their other bloody sort do, automatically and rather ludicrously think that everything they hanker after must automatically be theirs – now similarly as big brother carried on doing with the Chagos Islanders, Ed too with the Zionist assistance of his US Yiddish adviser wants to employ his hands at ethnically cleansing Blacks and other non-whites from the UK; the very same people whose blood, sweat, rivers of tears; concomitant with their enforced slave labour and indigenous countries’ enormous resources hugely enriched Britain and still does to this day – which begs the understandable and rather appropriate question; what the fuck have the Poles to whom these two conspicuously prized cunts, David and Ed Miliband, ethnically belong done for Britain, one may well ask? We undoubtedly know the immense harm they’ve caused us in the lost lives and other sacrifices that our people have selflessly made in saving their ungrateful asses in World War II; and in observable contrast also to what our people altruistically did helping to stop their goddam Yiddish lot being literally wiped off the face of the earth by the same Nazi types that both Ed and David Miliband are now consorting; and must accordingly watch as these two criminally-minded bastards – very much par for the course with the Yiddish, Nazi-Zionist lot to which they belong – Characteristically, quite characteristically and most evilly, earnestly endeavour to do the same to Blacks and other non-whites lawfully residing and quite entitled in every sense of that word to be in Britain; which is more than one can ethically say for any of the Millibands!


Can you really believe it? The Milibands of all people, and with a pronounced history of refugee fleeing and immigrant status in their immediate family, wanting to evict and exclude Blacks and other non-whites from Britain. It really does makes my blood boil!


For in the circumstances it just can’t be stressed often enough that had Britain not allowed Ralph Miliband, who didn’t speak a word of English when he came here and then gave him naturalized British citizenship, enabling him to find refuge in Britain, neither of his two racist, Nazi-Zionist – how bloody ironic – and pillock sons David and Edward would ever have been born, let alone anywhere in Britain; since Ralph Miliband their father, or Aldolphe Miliband to give him his real name, like others of his family members would equally as callously, just as the Chagos Islanders have been and as these two rabid pillocks and their stinking ilk would very much like to observe in the case of people who have a more justifiable right to be here in the UK than they could ever muster, and that’s conveniently setting aside their own distinct immigrant roots and background on both sides of their Polish family, would certainly have been eradicated in some gas chamber, death camp or other on mainland Europe by the very same Zyklon B gas that the Americans sold to the Third Reich in vast quantities for this specific purpose.


Some gratitude eh? That said, what do you realistically expect from animals like these scumbags, David and Ed, that have none; as it’s not in their DNA. Since like treacherous snakes they simply and instinctively do what similar reptiles as themselves consistently do. For they’re not human!


I’ll leave you to cogitate on that one and that Cordell Hull: the World War II, US Secretary of State and the longest holder of that portfolio in American history, was the architect of a policy directly aimed at eliminating Jews – he was your classic Jew-hater - and was infamously known for banning all ships from anywhere in the world, and most particularly those from Europe, that were carrying Jewish refugees fleeing fascism and/or Nazism from docking in any US port, and that included the ports of US colonies like Hawaii, as it was then, and Puerto Rico, and ordering, with the dire threat of having the US Navy sink these ships if their captains and crews refused to obey his directives, that these ships directly return these refugees back to the countries they were fleeing from. As a result, these hapless refugees on their arrival back were rounded up with the complete blessing of Cordell Hull and mercilessly dealt with; while those that were sent back to Europe were all without fail summarily dispatched to the Nazi gas chambers of Europe.


Yet here we had a fucking Yiddish Jew – David Miliband in the comparable political position as Cordell Hull was, as this David was the British Foreign Secretary – applying the same tactics as Cordell Hull to ensure that the Chagos Islanders, David Miliband’s own “Untermenschen” or for those of you who don’t know German “Undesirables” – the Nazis’ favourite word to describe all those they held with contempt: Gypsies, Jews and the like, were permanently ethnically cleansed from their indigenous homeland and most ironically of all this Polish, Yiddish, Nazi-Zionist Jew was sycophantically doing it on the express behalf of the said Americans that had it been left up to the overwhelming majority of them, and most especially the likes of Cordell Hull and those in the US Congress, prized cunts like David Miliband and his brother Ed: another but covert ethnic cleanser, would never have seen the light of day, as they would never have been born. Incredibly bad luck on humanity, I say! Incidentally, the Norwegians and Swedes, that enthusiastically were clandestine supporters of the Third Reich notwithstanding their resolute and bogus protestations to the contrary that they were in effect neutral, did award Cordell Hull the Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to world peace; just like they did with Barack Obama and other warmongers. You couldn’t make stuff like this up even if you tried, and nobody would buy it as the plot of a novel or film; which goes to show that truth is often stranger than fiction. Anyway, the hypocrisy and mendacious conduct of both David and Ed Miliband only makes me want to violently puke! Such, I must add, is its sickeningly, stomach-churning nature and effect.


On my Twitter feed you’ll find a number of articles written by a diversity of conscionable people on the bloody treachery of David Miliband in relation to the Chagos Islanders, and next time that you’re tempted to assert there are too many people in Britain – and people like me know exactly what you mean by that, except you’ve not got the fucking guts to say so openly, the cowards that you are – may I suggest that you first get hold of the relevant facts which are there to be read and intelligently, if that’s at all possible with significant numbers of you, absorb them.


My Twitter feed by the way is:


I would also most categorically like to draw your attention to John Pilger’s excellent and deeply moving video documentary online and to be viewed on my Twitter feed regarding the abysmal treatment of the Chagos Islanders, and the enthusiastic and supporting role played in this racist conduct by David Miliband, called: “The Stealing of a Nation!”


In conclusion, not everyone with a black or brown skin wants to be in Britain even though most of their wealth and valuable artefacts stolen by whites are located here.


The Chagos Islanders are among such people yet this same Britain that bloody well moans about “immigrants” and asserts that too many of them are here or that they shouldn’t be any of them at all, and those who are should immediately be kicked out – you know the sort of crap I’m talking about – refuses, even quite blatantly and unashamedly, using the antiquated Royal Prerogative to this end to graciously return to them what is rightfully and legally theirs. And where, would you mind telling the Chagos Islanders and I would also like to know, are the identical ethical, logical and much stated legitimate concerns through a referendum readily granted and held in respect of the settlers on the Falkland Islands likewise in respect of the aforementioned for the rights to the same referendum for the Chagos Islander; a referendum that quite conspicuously and in the most acknowledged racist terms was quite implausibly and illegitimately granted to the settlers of the Falkland Islands?


And watching the offspring of lucky escapees of the gas chambers or the other death camps of Europe who literally don’t waste an opportunity to constantly, ad nauseum and most irritatingly ram what happened to their lot down our fucking throats and, what’s more, instinctively expect us to empathize wholly with them now unbelievably and absolutely revoltingly practising their own invidious brand of fascist and Nazi, ethnic cleansing on the very descendants of those who fought, risked their lives and actually in many cases died for them to be even in this world, really pisses me off!


And here’s something for you to think about David and Ed Miliband: “Nazism and Zionism by any objective definition are both explicitly racist and genocidal!”


So who are the hypocritical Pricks in all of this? Well I suggest that you all take a long and hard look at yourselves in the mirror; and I’m absolutely sure that you’ll get the answer there!


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By Stanley Collymore



It’s the most natural thing in the world to feel passionate and positive about people, places and things that matter a great deal to you, however when others who aren’t connected to those same people, places and things as you are also develop a similar liking and immense appreciation for the aforementioned, it’s a profoundly rewarding experience I can assure you.


The article reproduced below; initially entitled Staying alive in Barbados can be found online at Bootsnall, was written by Ramona Flume and says it all!


 “Barbadians, or Bajans, don’t just look young for their age; they stay young, for a long, long time. The tiny Caribbean island (only 21 x 14 miles) has the second largest population of centenarians in the world after Japan. Every week local newspapers announce a few more 100-year-old birthday celebrations. Women in their eighties get away with dressing like they’re in their twenties. How do Bajans do it? How does everyone sustain such a happy longevity way out here in the middle of the ocean? I still don’t know if there’s a scientifically quantifiable answer to that question, but Bajan living is definitely a very healthy thing.


Maybe Bajans owe their lengthy life spans to their vigorous hobbies. I visited the Whist & Hearts Club during my stay in Barbados, where I learned how to play the Bajan version of dominoes. It’s a high-speed game of strategy, in which players slap down bones like thunderclaps and wits flick with lightning speed, sharply anticipating the storm clouds that lie a few turns ahead. I sit by in silence for a few games; astounded by the mental dexterity of my teachers, both in their mid-sixties. They might as well have been performing a series of back flips right in front of me.


Other sports like cricket, surfing and polo keep Bajans looking fit no matter what their age. I really took to polo during my visit and was lucky enough to take a lesson from Jeffrey Evelyn of the Barbados Polo Club. While the sport is quite dangerous (only second to car racing in annual injuries), it’s exceptionally accessible. There is no gender gap or professional limitations (amateurs are allowed to compete in pro matches) and many Bajans learn how to ride before they can walk. Also, newer water sports like stand-up paddleboarding have gained popularity in recent years. There is a half-mile race every Sunday, which anyone can participate in, as well as a challenging annual race around the entire island.


It could be the rum punch, or, more appropriately, the happiness that goes along with the rum punch lifestyle, that keeps everyone in Barbados ticking along so nicely. There are more than 35,000 rum shops on the island and everyone indulges—even the church crowd. Every church, which closely rival in number, is located within walking distance of a rum shop. Also, Mount Gay, “the oldest rum in the world”, has been distilling the national spirit since 1703. But that’s not to say the island is running wild with drunks. Bajans have a high tolerance to the national cocktail and the drink owes most of its popularity to the relaxing past time of sipping a punch at the neighborhood shop, shooting the breeze with friends and family.


Or it could be the fresh air. Barbados is the easternmost island in the Lesser Antilles and the east coast faces a virtually empty expanse of Atlantic Ocean. The nearest land mass is West Africa, 3,000 miles away, so the sea breezes rolling into the east coast are untouched by human intervention and pollution. Bajans take pride in their salubrious weather and many make daily sojourns to eastern facing points on the island to enjoy a few deep breaths.


A short walk in Barbados, however, can be closer to a cardio workout than a leisurely stroll. Unlike most other Caribbean islands, Barbados is terraced, not volcanic, so sloping hills and mountains pervade the landscape. The Scotland District, a sparsely populated rural region in the northeast, is especially mountainous. Locals here boast some of the best property and views in Barbados, but they’ve got to work for it. A city block’s walk to get to church, the bus stop or even the neighbours is an invariably steep climb.


Or maybe the food keeps Bajans alive and well. There are limited natural resources on this tiny island, but there’s never a shortage of fresh fish. Bajans keep up an extremely healthy diet– and have fun doing it. Every Friday night there is a raucous fish fry/live music/street festival in Oistins, a small fishing village located in the Christ Church parish. Hundreds of locals and tourists alike dine alfresco on the freshest catches of the day and unwind after a long week of work in paradise. Music and dancing is another important feature of life in Barbados that visitors can observe during these weekly street festivals, especially “wukking up”, a Bajan tradition of sensual gyrations. While chicken is consumed heartily on the island, there is little red meat in a Bajan’s daily diet. Interestingly enough, Barbados is one of the few places in the world where McDonalds didn’t thrive—or even survive. The local chain went bankrupt and was forced to pack up and leave the island after a few years of bad business. Bajans are pleasantly content without the golden arches though, and as a visitor, I was too.


On my last day in Barbados, I took a tour of the island with famed local photographer, Ronnie Carrington to find a few last-minute photo-op locations of the island. Ronnie’s family has lived on the island for generations and he has spent most of his life here. At one point, I ask him what he thinks about this mysterious fountain of youth that so many of his countrymen have seemed to discover. He says he doesn’t really know exactly what to think, but says he wants to show me a picture of his mother, who is in her mid-nineties. He pulls out a portrait photograph of the mother and son taken two years ago and—I swear on my life—the woman looked no older than 50 years old.


 “I can’t believe it,” I tell him. “I can’t either,” he says, “but she can.”

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Monday 22 december 2014 1 22 /12 /Dec /2014 14:16


By Stanley Collymore



Beauty, it’s often said, is in the eye of the beholder;

and while that is essentially a rather subjective

analysis of this particular situation in hand

there is nevertheless some semblance

of truth to that propagated supposition. For me

though beauty is much more of a phenomenon

that’s intrinsically embedded in the character

of that specific person I’m either casually

observing or else am perceptively, pro-

actively and favourably disposed to

and who I’ve evidently and quite

intentionally decided to place

under a more intimate albeit

a distinctly good-natured

yet simultaneously a

largely, but equally

too, a discreet

scrutiny. And in both of

these categories my captivating stranger your infectious

charm, alluring femininity and consummate affability,

themselves liberally juxtaposed with a gregarious

and highly appealing conviviality; and meshed

harmoniously with what transparently, on

your part, is at the same time a striking

and exquisite beauty too, transport

themselves in such a way that

connoisseurs, like myself,

can rather easily and

happily relate to!


© Stanley V. Collymore

22 December 2014.




Author’s Remarks and Christmas Greetings:


To all of you – the overwhelming majority of the population I would imagine – fervently and intentionally imbued during this festive season with the predictable emotion of love and or lust – and in the latter case why not – together with the intensely yearning expectations through whatever innovative means, including the subtle art of flattery, you may employ in successfully managing to realize either or more fortunately both of these ambitions, do have a superb time making the most of your acquired and hopefully fully and appropriately utilized romantic opportunities; and also while you’re at it have in every regard – and don’t just leave the stuffing to the turkey – a truly fulfilling and Merry Christmas!
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